First impressions of Amazon’s Fire Phone plus iMac gets cheaper (and slower) on The CultCast



There’s a fire in the Amazon! I’m so sorry. Bad jokes aside, on this week’s CultCast we’ll tell you what we love and don’t about Amazon’s much-buzzed debut mobile phone. Plus: the iMac just got a lot cheaper… and slower; another Weibo leak reportedly shows a huge 5.5-inch iPhone 6; the cool additions to iOS 8 and Yosemite’s 2nd betas; this summer’s hottest mens’ bathing suit attire; plus, you asked, we answer—it’s an all-new CultCast Q&A!

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  • San Diego Dave

    On the OS X numbering thing, I think Apple actually has moved away from the numbers because they only focus on the names now. No one referred to Yosemite as “10 point 10 point 10” at WWDC, it was just Yosemite. Right now I’m running Mavericks (not 10.9 or whatever) and in the fall I’ll be running Yosemite. The themes are a great idea, they give each update of the OS more personality and are more distinguishable than if they just did OS 11, OS 12, etc… Plus, where does it end? Are we really going to have OS 23? The higher the numbers, the more Mac OS starts to sound really old (“oh man, we’re on #23 already?”), rather than being fresh and new.

    I’d be fine with eventually making the switch from OS X to OS 11, but it would have to be some kind of truly revolutionary UI (not just some design changes and new features).

  • Adrayven

    Love the John Oliver FCC Net Neutrality rant..

    Amazes me the new FCC head was the cable / wireless lobbyist head. Such a conflict of interest and now cable/wireless basically self regulate.. really sad.. Not long after he’s FCC head he tries this .. sad…