See how Notification Center looks and works in OS X Yosemite



Yosemite is one of the biggest updates to OS X we’ve seen in recent years, bringing fresh looks and a slew of new features. This video takes a look at how Notification Center looks and works in OS X Yosemite, which is resembling iOS 8 more and more.

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  • Swanny246

    Errr, weren’t you always able to send tweets from NC, at least going back to Mountain Lion? That share sheet is ugly though, rest looks good though.

    • jonathanober

      You are correct Swanny, I know they took it out of iOS after beta-ing it which I missed more, since flipping to the app was a pain when I was writing something and wanted to tweet.

      • Swanny246

        Yeah, not sure why it was removed in iOS 7, probably didn’t make much sense being in the “new” Notification Centre, it would have been a good fit slotting it into Control Centre.

  • Asteng88

    First you need to learn how to say Yosemite Englander

    • jonathanober

      it’s called an accident

    • Petar Živanić

      Well, you Yanks had centuries to learn how to speak English, yet you failed miserably. Now you’re splitting hairs over a word such as Yosemite?

  • fastasleep

    glad it slides over instead of pushing the whole damned screen.