Apple should steal this brilliant concept for social app discovery


App store discovery would be completely different with this adfiajdofija Photo: Andy Baio
App discovery would be completely different if Apple stole Andy Baio's concept.
  • How about keeping it simple with a better “search” functionality within the App Store (both on iTunes and Mac OS stores), that allows plain search functions. Right now it seems like the 2 app stores only search by app name rather than function. When I type in a search term, I expect the search to include apps that have relevance to that term by looking through the app’s contents, and not just searching for an app that has the term in the name of the app. This doesn’t seem like too much to ask. It’s what users have come to expect from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Why can’t this functionality be built into the app stores?

  • Jonathan Côté

    Apple tried to do exactly this for their iTunes music store with Ping, which crashed and burned miserably and probably nobody remembers it today. I doubt that they will want to go the same route.

    • lucascott

      It crashed mostly because they did a round one and never followed it up. They never got past the test stage of using a few major labels and into the indie folks who really need the assist. They never got to the following users or the one time full play of Lala. And so on.

      Had they gotten to a full expansion, especially if they included all facets of the store, then who knows what might have happened

  • andcore

    It’s called AppZapp, you can already do all this things and much more, but Apple keep rejecting this kind of apps from the store…

  • Maxwell S. Overholt

    I was just saying I need more social media accounts and notifications.

    • thomg875

      LOL Some thrive on them. Others, just go live life. :-)

  • lucascott

    So he wants to basically bring back Lala/Ping but to the App store.

    Same thing my cousin the blogger has been saying for ages. About all the stores. Along with better metadata systems and better leveraging of Genius etc data.

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