Get 60% off Techtool Pro 7 and Checkmate [Deals]



If you’ve been searching for a means to prevent data loss and hard drive failure, then Cult of Mac Deals has an offer on a great combination of apps that will make that possible.

Techtool Pro 7 is widely considered to be the most advanced Mac repair utility ever, and Checkmate spots the small problems on your Mac before they become big problems. And for a limited time you can both of these killer pieces of software at 60% off the regular price – just $49.99 – courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals.

Here are the top features of each of these tremendous applications:

  1. Techtool Pro 7: Techtool Pro 7 is the most advanced version of this acclaimed Macintosh troubleshooting utility since it was created almost 25 years ago – and remains an industry leader in testing and repairing disks. It is by far and away the best tool for pre-warning potential drive failure, and is trusted by everyday consumers as well as professionals to help troubleshoot and repair their Macs. It’s easy-to-use, but also delivers comprehensive testing for the Mac professional.
  2. Checkmate: Checkmate couldn’t be simpler to use: simply install and forget about it. No buttons to push, no schedules to set, and no interruptions to your work. Just notifications if and when you need to correct an issue. If an issue is found, the Checkmate dashboard will open, showing you a full report of the issue, as well as suggested steps to correct the problem.

But that’s not the only deal we’ve got going on…

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