Hatch pocket pets can now play in the Pocket God universe


Hop from one virtual pocket to another.
Hop from one virtual pocket to another.

Chances are you’ve heard of Tamagotchi, the little handheld virtual pets that took over the world during the first decade of the 2000s, selling more than 76 million little egg-shaped devices as of 2010.

Hatch is one of the many virtual pet apps out there, but it’s an adorable one. You may even recognize the little Fugu creature from its own Facebook Messenger sticker series.

Virtual pets aren’t anything new to the iOS ecosystem, but this new collaboration between Hatch and super-popular video game Pocket God is something new. If you’ve ever thought about doing more with that little digital pal in your pocket, now might be the time. Check out the launch video below for more.

“I really dig the tiny living pocketable world our friends at Bolt Creative have created and how well they raised it over the years with dozens of fun episodic updates,” said Hatch developer, Phill Ryu, “so when we had the idea of our fugu hopping out of Hatch and into another app world this collaboration felt like it had a lot of chemistry! Dave and Allan [of Pocket God] thought the idea was cool, too, and we dove right in.”

In Hatch, you create your little creature, called a Fugu, and feed and care for it as you would any digital pet. Now, though, you can import that little buddy right into Ooga Jump, a spin-off of the highly successful Pocket God franchise. This will let you take your virtual pet out for a virtual play session, jumping from platform to platform in ever in creasing leaps upward on your iPhone screen.

“We’ve done a lot of cross over’s in the past,” Pocket God creator Dave Castelnuovo told Cult of Mac in an email, “all the way from one of the earliest crossovers in the app store when we collaborated with Doodle Jump to collaborations with Imangi [Temple Run]. In this case, Phil came up with the really cool idea to allow a player to have their adopted Fugu travel from his game into ours almost like Ooga Jump is an extension of Hatch.”

For sure, this is the first time I’ve heard of a video game character jumping from one app to another.

Hatch is also on sale for a mere $0.99 at this time, so now’s a great time to “jump” in.