Here’s a sneak preview of the iOS Age of Empires in action



And lo did news of the yonder Age of Empires game for iOS continue to flow!

Known as Age of Empires: World Domination, this is the forthcoming expansion of the award-winning (and much loved) Age of Empires series, which allows players to create an empire by pitting civilizations against one another. Developed by KLabGames, we’re promised a game that maintains the focus on strategy and tactics but is designed specifically for the touch gestures of an iOS device.

KLabGames recently updated its website with screenshots of the game in action, in addition to the above video, which offers the best glimpse we’ve seen yet of how the game will likely play when it arrives this summer.

While it sadly eschews the isometric view I loved so much from the classic Age of Empires in favor of a 3-D perspective, and the action seems to be sped up considerably, I’m still holding out hope that this can retain some of the charm of the series that I poured hundreds of hours into back in the day.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the free-to-play game isn’t overloaded with in-app purchases.

What are your first impressions of Age of Empires: World Domination?

Source: AOEWD

  • is it just me or do all of the clips look like a bunch of tiny people dancing in place?

  • Justin Hahnel

    Absolute rubbish. 2003 graphics and a mediocre approach to new generation graphics. Come on. Think harder, think deeper and stop with the 2 dimensional figures. This is embarrassing for 2014. The passion and drive for this platform is so substandard.

  • gohoos

    Free to play. Bah.

    So far I’ve seen Roller Coaster Tycoon and Dungeon Keeper – classics from the past, beautiful games – ruined by in-app purchases and new versions designed to suck iap dollars from users who don’t know any better.

    No thank you.