Saturday Deals: The Plasma iPhone Case, Dreamhost hosting, and Entitle EBooks [Deals]



Traditionally there are three choices when dealing with iPhone cases:

  1. Bulky and effective
  2. Razor thin and unreliable
  3. Caseless (and vulnerable as a result)

This is where The Plasma Case Combo comes in.

The Plasma Case Combo consists of the Plasma Bumper Case and the Plasma Screen Guard. These two components work in perfect combination to ensure protection. The lightweight polished aluminum design and heat-treated high def transparency keeps your phone slim while still offering the same screen visibility and protection from drops, scratches or dings. And right now you can get this combo for 77% off the regular price – just $17.99 – courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals.

The Plasma Bumper Case bridges the gap between functionality and aesthetic beauty. It keeps your iPhone safe from drops and scratches while also keeping a minimal profile so you don’t feel that annoying bulky case rubbing on your leg. (You can review all of the features of The Plasma Bumper Case here.)

Alongside this elegant case comes the Plasma Screen Guard to protect your fragile display any scratches. This awesome combination of phone and screen protection creates a barrier against any drops, scratches or dings that your wild times will throw at you. (You can review all of the features of The Plasma Screen Guard here.)

Already got a case for your iPhone 5 or 5S? Well, Cult of Mac Deals has some other compelling offers for you to explore…

No matter what kind of website you have, you always need a web hosting service. Now, you can get 1 year of reliable web hosting from Dreamhost plus 1 free domain for 79% off. That’s less than $2.10 per month for one of the best hosting services on the web. You can learn more about this offer by clicking here.

Entitle Books is an eBook subscription service where members get any two books a month, and you get to keep the books you download. Books can be read across iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Nooks, Kobo and Sony eReaders, so join and start saving on the books you love to read. This promotion is offering you 2 books a month for 6 months for just $39! That’s only $6.50 a month! Check out all the titles that Entitle offers – and get more information about this deal – by clicking here.

Whether you’re an avid reader, love to game, or simply want to get more out of your Mac, there’s always something in store for you at Cult of Mac Deals. Visit the main deals page now to check out all of our current promotions.