Best places to score deals on the iPhone, iPad or MacBook Air



Photo: Apple

Scoring a sweet deal on an iPhone directly from Apple is nearly impossible. Luck for us, a bunch of Cupertino’s retail partners aren’t afraid to cut some dinero off its price-tag to try to get you in the store. But which store is best for Apple deals?

To locate the top places to get deals on Apple products, DealNews tracked several years worth of deals for the iPhone, iPad, and 11-inch MacBook Air and discovered that certain retailers offer consistently better deals on one specific product. Many of the big name retailers are great for iPhones deals, but you might be the surprised where to look for the best iPad and MacBook Air bargains.

Here are the best places to score a deal for each Apple product:

iPhone: Walmart and Sprint
iPad: eBay and MicroCenter
iPad mini: Walmart, MicroCenter and MacMall
MacBook Air: MacConnection or BestBuy

Unless you live near a MicroCenter (unlikely), you wouldn’t be able to take part in 86% of its iPad deals. A lot of Apple product deals require customers to pick up the item in stores, making California, Texas, Illinois and Georgia the top four states to live in if you love getting a sweet price on Cupertino’s finest wares.

For a full breakdown how each store took the crown as the deal hero, check out DealNews full report.