iOS 8 could feature alternate UI, with different font types



For years Apple has taken the view that you tell customers what they want, rather than waiting for them to ask. In terms of UI, this meant picking out the “right” option for interface elements, as opposed to allowing users the ability to edit them themselves.

That may be changing in iOS 8, as the beta code of Apple’s new mobile operating system suggests that Apple may also be including a funky variant UI — complete with alternate font and orange and purple color scheme.

Prior to this development, the only notable customizable element of iOS was through its native accessibility settings, which allowed visually impaired users the ability to adjust tones to make for a more comfortable viewing experience.

The more extreme alternate UI was discovered by Hamza Sood, who tweeted tgat:

While there is no guarantee that this alternate take on the iOS interface will show up in the public release of iOS 8, there’s little disputing that the past month has shown Apple taking several steps that would have been unlikely under Steve Jobs — from the jokier “geek humor” tone of WWDC, to reports that the company may look to put on a friendlier PR face to tech reporters going forward.

And while Tim Cook may have dismissed Android’s fragmentation as a “toxic hellstew” during his keynote speech at WWDC, there is no doubt that Apple has been happy to borrow Android features where they can add to the iOS user experience — with customizability being a big selling point of Google’s mobile platform.

Would you like to see more customizability options, such as alternate UIs, in iOS 8? Drop us a comment below.

Source: Redmondpie


  • Duncan Hill

    I heard it on the grapevine that Jonny Ive has convinced the rest of the Apple board to make Comic Sans the default font.

    • Tom Nikolic


    • Then later on perhaps in iOS9 or X they will switch to Comic Neue Light. :)

  • Carlos Kochhann

    The hellstew mentioned at the WWDC was about Android Fragmentation, not its features, those are widely welcome!

  • Tim Dawes

    LOL this looks disgusting.

    • Johnh24

      Look like Samsung devices

      • Anthony Snyder

        Actually though haha!

  • monstermasten

    I think this is the same as SpringBoard Settings (available through jailbreak)

    These are tools Apple use to tweak the system themselves before they settle with a final design. I can bet my both my testicles and maybe even the 3rd one that this will not be something you can do with your phone in iOS8 (without jailbreak)

    • eggimage

      thats a bold bet, or should I say, a ball bet

      • LordQuad

        Maybe Ballsy?

  • Tom Nikolic

    The current typeface is perfect!!

  • Daniel Hertlein

    I don’t see it happening. I hope not. Because that is really ugly.

  • I like Font customisibility option only. Apple’s UI design for other options will be the best absolutely.

  • Ian Campbell

    Nope! kind of like the idea of being able to change colours but that font is horrible, the calendar app is causing me distress!!

    • LordQuad

      Time to buy Fantastical!

  • burkamus

    The purple isn’t too horrible. I would like a “dark mode” like Yosemite. Even if it was just a gray color. I think that would be sufficient enough. And I’m glad that now I can get a black keyboard! Apple dropped the ball with the black keyboard in iOS 7.

  • Stanisław Olszak

    I’m speechless, it looks like shit!

  • Chase Anderson

    Yes. Customizability options are needed to get me to switch from Android.. I definitely want this.