Roll your own WWDC with these 107 free Apple videos


Don't miss a minute of WWDC now that all the sessions are online. Photo: Roberto Baldwin, The Next Web

The code was written. The world (possibly) changed. The banners are gone and Apple is nowhere to be seen at Moscone West after a marathon week of coding and partying with the top software engineers in the world.

If you weren’t lucky enough to make it to this year’s WWDC you can still enjoy all the coding education that came with the show now that all 107 video sessions have been posted on Apple’s developer site. It’s a world class coding education that rivals anything you can pay for at university.

Here are some notable session to get you primed for iOS 8 and Yosemite:

Don't miss a minute of WWDC now that all the sessions are online. Photo: Roberto Baldwin, The Next Web
Craig and Apple’s tops engineers are ready to teach you how to create killer games Photo: Roberto Baldwin, The Next Web
  • Introduction to Swift: Apple’s brand-new programming language for building great iOS and OS X apps. Learn all the basics of the language before diving into the advanced sessions.
  • Ingredients of Great Games: Whether you’re tinkering with a Flappy Bird clone or aiming to be the next hit indie-game, Apple will give you all the insights you need to create a great game for iOS.
  • What’s New in Cocoa Touch: Apple also updated a ton of its existing frameworks with new controllers and thousands of APIs. Start at the top with Cocoa Touch and work your way down.
  • Kids and Apps: iOS 8’s Family Sharing feature means legitimate game and in-app purchases for kids under 13 are about to explode. This session will teach you all about the new parental permissions and what information you can and can’t collect.
  • Introduction to HealthKit: iWatch and other wearables could revolutionize health thanks to Apple’s Health Kit framework that centralizes all health information. Get a head start and figure out how your app could take advantage of all the new data.
  • Writing Energy Efficient Code Nobody like a battery hog. Give people the battery life they expect by diving into Apple’s two part session on the best practices to optimize performance of your OS X and iOS code.
  • Creating Custom iOS Interfaces: Learn how to make an app that stands out from the competition with a compelling, yet familiar user interface.

All the videos can be watched on Apple’s developer site using Safari, or you can grab them straight from the official WWDC 2014 app.