Caption contest: Tim Cook walks into an AppleCare center in Texas…


Tim Cook tweeted this photo today of his visit to the new Apple campus in Austin, Texas. Can you read his lips?

Imagine calling into AppleCare, pissed off that your iPad’s display is freezing, again. You’re ready to obliterate the schmucks at the call center with a hadouken ball of fury, but when the line is finally answered, you’re disarmed by the sweet southern charm of Apple’s lovable CEO.

That’s what happened to a couple of customers calling into AppleCare yesterday in Austin, Texas as Tim Cook and Eddy Cue took a tour of the new facilities, fixed up some Mac Pros, and even fielded a few calls themselves.

Tim tweeted a pic of his experience this morning on the frontline of Apple Support but left out the juicy details of the drama behind his chat, so we’re asking our faithful Cult of Mac readers to fill in the blanks with this week’s caption contest.

Add your own caption to Tim’s call center photo by commenting below. To sweeten the pot, we’re giving away a free copy of Bicolor to the top 10 entrants. Winners will be announced Monday at 8AM PT.

The funnier the better. Clean is preferred. Have at it! 


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87 responses to “Caption contest: Tim Cook walks into an AppleCare center in Texas…”

  1. Mark Wicks says:

    “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

  2. Adam Cloud says:

    Hey everyone, Best Buy is giving away free shirts with the purchase of a new iPhone.

  3. “Geez, can you believe these jokers are loading Yosemite on their daily drivers? That’s going to be a fun weekend.”

  4. Enrico A says:

    “I am doubling down on you”

  5. jkwon15 says:

    “Be glad you don’t own a android device”

  6. jakezarobsky says:

    You know, we’ve got some great products in the pipeline, so if this one doesn’t work, the next one definitely will.

  7. jake weber says:

    “How do y’all feel about using Beats for your headset?”

  8. Robert Rolnik says:

    I’m sorry to hear you spilled coffee on your MacBook Pro. Here’s what you do. Take to the men’s restroom, and while open, push it into the Dyson Air Blade. Now do it again, but this time sing, “You put your keyboard in, you put your keyboard out, you put your…”

  9. Daamitt says:

    Tim: What are you making
    Stephen Fry (presumably): We call it “eggie in the basket”. My mum used to make them.

  10. Kyle Hultman says:

    iTunes on your Windows 8 PC isn’t working? That’s a shame; Let me tell you about some _Exciting_ new features coming Yosemite

  11. Fredster says:

    “No sir, our devices are not a Burning Hellstew of Malware … “

  12. Tarun Chachra says:

    Earpods? We don’t use that crap here…..

  13. Anton Vass says:

    Yes, Bill, gates to us are always open

  14. Steve Woolley says:

    Ah, ah, I almost forgot… I’m also going to need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too. We, uhhh, lost some people this week and we sorta need to play catch-up. Mmmmmkay? Thaaaaaanks.

    • tornacious says:

      Lumberg: “Yeeeeaaaaah, Peter? Can you send in that TPS report ASAP?”
      Peter: “No, sorry, I have a meeting with the Bobs.”

  15. ducky007 says:

    So, you say the start button disappeared when you installed the iOS 8 beta on your iPad?

  16. Jared Porter says:

    “You say your new MAC Pro is frozen? You’re not holding it right!”

  17. bigmooch33 says:

    Please hold for Dr. Dre… JK Y’all!

  18. Ben Ratliff says:

    “Helooooooooooooo! And welcome to the AppleCare, the best 30-minute Apple conversion you’re going to hear, all week long.”

  19. Johnkk says:

    “AppleCare. This is Tim…”

  20. BucketBrain says:

    $3 billion for the best on-hold music EVAR! Customer sat, my friends. Customer. Sat.

  21. Ed Kaufholz says:

    Tim? Its Eddy. Cleanup in cubicle 4.

  22. Joe Schuller says:

    You want your call escalated???

  23. Kwstas says:

    – Hi, I have a problem with my iPhone..
    – Hello, my name is Tim Cook. How can I help you?
    – What?!?!? I cann’t believe that I’m talking to Apple CEO right now!! Please go make an iWatch. I want it sooooo badly.
    – So, what was the problem you were talking about?
    – Never mind… Go, go, don’t hesitate any more!!

  24. Ricardo Campelo de Magalhaes says:

    Hi there, Tim Cook here. Glad you called this morning…

  25. Ricardo Campelo de Magalhaes says:

    I am glad you called instead of going for an inferior device: you made the right choice!

  26. Kwstas says:

    – Hi, I have a problem with my iPhone…
    – Hello, my name is Tim Cook. How can I help you?
    – What?!?!? Oh my God!! I can’t believe that I’m talking to Apple CEO right now. Please go make an iWatch.
    – Okay.. So what is the problem you were talking about?
    – Never mind… Go, go, don’t hesitate any more… Bye…

  27. TJ says:

    Welcome to Apple Care this is Tim Cook…Oh hi Eric, wow this is awkward, I mean what are the chances? You actually use an iPad? It’s ok, it’s just you me and the million people listening in right now. No I didn’t write hell-storm, technically, I just quoted it. No we’re not going to remove duckduckgo from our search defaults. I’ll tell you what Eric, why don’t you just duckduckgo the duck away and stop stealing our stuff you talentless ignoramus, ahem, I mean “I’m really glad you called our center and I’m just peached to help you with your problem sir.” Yeah, duck you too Eric… *click*

  28. fjordprefect says:

    “Have you tried rebuilding the Desktop?”

  29. Where was his ass when I’ve called 5 times about my retina 15″ always having a patchy black screen at wakeup??? Still does it to this day!! No fix!!

  30. OS2toMAC says:

    Hello this is Sanjay from Customer Support.. How may I help you today?

  31. Steven J. Storkson says:

    “I’m sorry, It looks like your Apple Care is expired on that 2013 iPad air…”

  32. Pietro Montanarella says:

    “Hi there, thanks for calling AppleCare, my name is Tim Cook how can I help you today?”

  33. Jay Jay Abels says:

    Oh that’s an easy fix sir. We’ve moved it. No… no it’s on the bottom now. Yeah. I know… I know… genius right? Why thank you! Yes… innovative indeed. What’s that? Yes you can absolutely upgrade your RAM on your iMac. Oh… 21″ eh? Erm… please hold sir.

  34. Simon V says:

    “A blue polo shirt and jeans… What about you?”

  35. Manish Bhatia says:

    Jake, from State Farm…

  36. says:

    Your problem is _ _ Amazing! It is _ _ Incredible!

  37. Curt Reynolds says:

    “Wow! That Mark Cuban’s good on the phone!”

  38. Tim Cook testing the new Beats headset

  39. Darrin Furusho says:

    “Sir, I assure you that your concern has been escalated as high as it will go!”

  40. fotis says:

    No Sir we are not gonna sell any hand crafted, diamond cut, chamfered edge aluminium spoons

  41. Storm Garelli says:

    Hi, I’m Tim. Welcome.
    Now I’d like to hand you over to Craig.

  42. Cy Kappe says:

    “…Fucckin A!”

  43. wiredtothemaximum says:

    Wow, Cool… I thought all you Apple Care guys were H-1B’s from Bangalore.

  44. “You’re holding the iPhone 5s wrong!”

  45. Patrick Bernier says:

    My new “Jobs” ? No! I’m still CEO

  46. scott noble says:

    Applecare this is Tim!
    hi I’m trying to install iOS8 on my iPhone 4 and its not working
    Did you update iTunes and Xcode first ?
    I have updated Xcode and iTunes
    Well maybe you should just wait for the iPhone 6, it was designed for iOS8 from the start.

  47. Murphy Gill says:

    Why in the world would you want to run windows 8 on a Mac … that’s just wrong. Ok guys, executive decision … no more bootcamp.

  48. Jeff Spurlock says:

    “Tell me again why these aren’t Beats headphones we’re wearing?”

  49. aardman says:

    Ma’am, believe me, if I cannot get your problem fixed, nobody can.

  50. Ry says:

    “Taken 3: We’ve Got You”

  51. Ry says:

    And all you wanted was an iPad mini?

  52. Ry says:

    Told ya, Mrs Bush will never know we were watching

  53. Ry says:

    That’s not all dark mode does

  54. Ry says:

    Smart water, a cry for help

  55. AJ says:

    “Hi this is Tim Cook. How can I help you?…*laughing* Yes yes it’s really me, how can I help you?….No sir you can’t talk to Jony Ive….No, you can’t talk to Eddie Cue either….”

  56. Yes.. we had the Android logo in our presentation at WWDC.. But Madam this is not Samsung support centre…

  57. Robert Mann says:

    “Are you *sure* it’s plugged in?”

  58. Gregg Keizer says:

    Jiggle the cable. Yes ma’am, just take hol’ of that snake and give it a few shakes. Yes, ma’am, tell you what. Pretend it’s a Tar Heel from UNC-Chapel Hill and you went to Duke. I know it’s an expensive school, ma’am. Trust me, I know. But we’re pretendin’ now, aren’t we, ma’am? Just grab it like you would a fistful of Tar Heel shirt and shake the darn dickins out of it. Yes, ma’am. You’re welcome. Thanks for calling AppleCare. You have a nice day now, ya hear?

  59. David Penick says:

    AppleCare employee: What’s with the water bottle? What about the environment?
    Tim Cook: I’ve been reusing this same bottle for 7 years.

  60. Arshdeepc says:

    “Don’t tell me you’re taking iOS 8 support calls already”

  61. jcis20 says:

    “Okay, so what I need you to do is hold down the sleep/wake button for 10 seconds…”

  62. beefgoat says:

    I have no idea what I’m doing.

  63. Mayank Chhabra says:

    “Hi, you’re now talking to Tim Cook.”
    “OMG! Hey, I wanna apologise to you for all that happened in the past. Give me another chance, please? No more leather stitching, I promise. Heck, I’ll even do Jony’s dishes.”
    “Scott? Is that you?”
    “Just kidding. AppleCare. This is, umm, Cody, how can I help you today?”
    “Damn, dude. Anyway, where is the green felt-cloth table in Game Center? Tim promised me it was making a comeback with iOS 8.”
    “Time for an energy bar, okay bye.”

  64. TechLove says:

    (Assuming Tim and the employee are watching porn)
    Employee: “Wow, that’s horny!”
    Tim: “Yeah! I am ‘thrilled’ to see those little details on our retina display.”

  65. SidBoggle says:

    “Why do you have a picture of a gentleman’s tinkle on your screen?”
    “That’s not a gentleman’s tinkle, that’s Jony in a rollneck sweater”

  66. Kwstas says:

    – I have a problem..
    – Sir we have invented a whole new set of solution that will make our competitors so jealous!!

  67. Kwstas says:

    You called wrong number.. Our products never have problems

  68. Aurojyoti Das says:

    Please hold on a minute while I transfer your call to the next guy who actually knows what he is doing.

  69. “If you were drinking Smart Water, you wouldn’t be frickin’ calling here.”

  70. Yash Vardhan Gaddhyan says:

    “Tell the guy Apple ‘Beats’ for you”

  71. Chris says:

    Tim: Thank you for calling Apple customer support this is Tim how can I help you?
    Caller: I recently switched from a Surface tablet to an iPad and have been enjoying it. But I can’t figure out how to turn Siri on.
    Tim: Uhhhh, hold on just a moment & I’ll get someone to help you with that!

  72. Japega says:

    No. I’m not Bill. He is with a different company. Besides, he’s retired now. (Side note: I wonder if that’s the iWatch he’s wearing.)

  73. Jorge says:

    “Congratulations your the proud owner of the best technology in the world. Remember your better then your ‘persistent friends with inferior devices’..”

  74. Grant Morton says:

    “No Sir, OS X Yosemite is not the same thing as Samsung’s Grand Canyon.”

  75. pccobadah says:

    “No Jonathan Ive is not the brains behind this company ::”

  76. pccobadah says:

    “No, Steve Jobs is not coming back as a hologram”

  77. drmrs says:

    Can’t these new contraptions use Southern drawl? drmrs 6/7/2014 Rockville, MD

  78. Patrick Vogelius says:

    “Error message? Are you sure you have a Mac?”

  79. Karl Bateson says:

    This Jabra GN2000 Headset has amazing sound quality and cost much less than the 3 Billion dollars we are paying for Beats :)

  80. Long Duckdong says:

    Contest is over, but the first thing that hits me is, “Oh yeah? How about I drive over there and kick YOUR ass?!?!?”

    I know. Woulda been a winner.

  81. Windlasher says:

    She sounds hideous!

  82. Flintj76 says:

    I’m sorry sir, the coffee mug holder has been removed from all our products. (Laughing from people around Tim)

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