Get your Game of Thrones on with conversational Dothraki app



If you’ve already heard enough about Swift, and are looking for another language to sink your learning-teeth into, how about taking up Dothraki?

The fictitious Game of Thrones language — as spoken by the late badass Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen — is the basis of a forthcoming iOS app, and accompanying book, CD, and online learning course, set to arrive later this year. Costing $3.99, the app is described as “your Dothraki learning experience to go” and features 15 thematic flashcard decks with more than 200 Dothraki vocabulary words, a conversational dialogue, a pronunciation guide, a simplified grammar summary, and interactive games testing your vocabulary knowledge.

(The book and CD combo will meanwhile cost $19.99, while the online course will set you back $30.)

Unlike many similar merchandising opportunities (which Trekkie didn’t try and learn Klingon back in the day?), the best thing about this conversational Dothraki resource is that you’re learning straight from the horse’s mouth: since David J. Peterson, the linguist who created the language for the HBO series, has teamed up with developers Living Language.

It promises to be good fun, and is the latest example of how your iOS device can take on the role of language tutor: something previously demonstrated in language apps like Duolingo.

Just don’t expect to learn the word for “thank you.”

Source: Livinglanguage