Go for goal with these World Cup essentials


world cup

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The supermarkets are already full of Brazil-related plastic junk, and even folks who only watch football once every four years are getting excited. Why? It’s World Cup time, of course!

Here we have a selection of apps and gadgets, clothes and toys to help you follow along and enjoy the show. The only thing we haven’t included is streaming app, because broadcast rights vary from country to country. Our workaround is to watch on TV or listen on the radio. Or do it like the Brazilians and head to your local bar.

  • Iliyan

    Seriously? Paid articles on football accessories? What’s next – Louis Vuitton bags?? Lame.. AdBlock needs some enhancements…

  • My dream wish is the Beats special edition of the BR soccer team… so beautiful… I wish it was a wireless product, but I do not think it is…