Excelsior: Alpha nerds choose the 10 best comics


Never in its many incarnations has the Animal Man mythos been this fascinating.
Never in its many incarnations has the Animal Man mythos been this fascinating.

When we’re looking for comics in our local nerd den, we’re often overwhelmed by the quantity of new titles each week. That’s not even counting the back issues and collected series in trade paperback format.

So we asked some of the most alpha nerds we know: the folks at Industrial Toys, a game development team (Midnight Star) with a who’s-who pedigree in geek. There’s CEO Alex Seropian, the co-founder of Bungie games (Marathon, Halo), Tim Harris, part owner of Alley Cat Comics in Chicago, John Scalzi, best-selling science fiction author, and Mike Choi, a veteran comic book artist in his own right.

Harris and Seropian, along with art director Aaron Marroquin and senior graphic designer Sarah Chiappetta, chimed in to our request with the comic books that they think are the best in the bin.

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5 responses to “Excelsior: Alpha nerds choose the 10 best comics”

  1. bjwanlund says:

    What? No Dark Horse on this list?! And especially one of the pioneering independent, self-published comics, ElfQuest?! What a puzzling omission.

    • Tim Harris says:

      HUGE Elfquest fan. What they’ve done over so long is one of my greatest pleasures in comics reading and collecting.

      • bjwanlund says:

        Good to hear, but that still is a very puzzling omission, especially since ElfQuest is finally coming back into print, first with The Final Quest and then with the reprints of The Original Quest coming starting this summer.

  2. MaJiNPooZ says:

    This list is lacking.

  3. Duncan Hill says:

    how very conventional.

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