iOS 8 hands-on: See powerful new features in action



As Apple has finally announced the long-awaited iOS 8, it’s only natural for users to be curious how it will affect their daily routines. With all new features and enhancements for your iOS device, in today’s video see what’s coming this fall, and what we think about it.

Take a look at the video to see what you think.

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8 responses to “iOS 8 hands-on: See powerful new features in action”

  1. Dante Gabrielli says:

    Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Derek Minor? Nice music selection! Great Video, thanks for the glance at iOS 8!

  2. Long Duckdong says:

    I gotta say, and nothing personal to the kid in the video, but the quality of stuff on this site seems to get worse, and worse, and even worser. This video feels like it was made for a high-school project, and the guy narrating always sounds like he has a cold. It makes for a very unenjoyable experience.

    Yeah, I know, I’m an a-hole, d-bag, all that, but have you *wondered* why viewership is down, why there’s usually not active comment threads, etc?

    Just my two cents. I’m pulling Cult out of my feeds, and just wanted to share why. Regards.

    • Adrayven says:

      Wow. Being critical about miss info or something like that is one thing.. But you come to the table saying your top reason is he sounds like he has a cold?

      No.. Won’t call you names..

      I liked his quick run through. But then, I don’t generally judge people based on their voice…

    • Derek Schlicker says:

      He does have a point. The content was perfectly fine but the editing and sound was really bad.

    • Ingemar Smith says:

      Dog whistle.

    • EducatedToPerform says:

      ‘and even worser’

      I can’t take anybody seriously who can’t even speak English properly.

  3. El Caballero que dice Ni says:

    “how it will AFFECT their daily routines”

  4. Kr00 says:

    Michael Steebler videos were much more professional. Why did you guys ditch him?

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