The Powerful Presentation Bundle: All the tools you need to become a compelling speaker [Deals]



Great presentations are about the ideas, not the slides. Yet, most people spend more than half their time making slides rather than honing their message. Cult of Mac Deals has assembled a bundle that will help you make the most of your presentations, enhancing your reputation as a top-notch presenter in the process!

The Powerful Presentation Bundle features 4 e-learning courses that will help you take your Keynote presenting skills to greater heights. Whether you want to add polish to your Keynote presentations, build up your skills when speaking in public, or perfect your pitch, this bundle has you covered. And we’ve got it at 83% off the regular price — only $79 — during this limited time offer.

Here’s what you’ll get in The Powerful Presentation Bundle (Note: Regular pricing is in parentheses):

  1. Polish Your Presentations with Slidevana for Keynote: Slidevana takes the tedium out of creating clear, elegant slides so you can concentrate on getting your message across. Slidevana is a toolkit that contains over 275 slide layouts including everything from basic layouts, such as lists, charts, and tables, to layouts that communicate complex business concepts such as timelines, architectures, sales funnels, and common frameworks. (Value: $139)
  2. Powerful Presentation Skills for Start-Ups – Pitch Perfect: Giving a presentation is one of those things you just can’t escape these days, so why not learn to enjoy it and captivate your audience at the same time? Over the years, instructor Len Smith has given literally thousands of presentations across Europe and North America. Even if you are already a proficient speaker, you will almost certainly benefit from learning some of the techniques that can add power to any presentation. (Value: $69)
  3. How to Supercharge Your Pitch In 1 Hour: Presentations are a part of business: whether it’s doing a pitch for a start-up, presenting an idea to your boss, an academic presentation, a job interview, a client you need to convince…you name it. The instructor of this course, Marco Montemagno, has spent the last 12 years of his life “divulging” the opportunities offered by the Internet and technology by delivering presentations. With this course, he’ll pass this knowledge on to you. (Value: $197)
  4. Mastering Keynote Presentations: This course will take you through Keynote and show you how to create compelling, creative, visually rich presentations. It’s designed to be learned step by step as you navigate through the menus towards a completed presentation. If you’re trying to meet a deadline, jump right into the Keynote Quick Guides and learn key functions in less than 3 minutes! Included are several PDF documents you can download and print out for reference as you construct your own awesome Keynotes. (Value: $39)
  5. Keynote: Create A Killer Presentation: Craft a presentation that stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re selling to a client, pitching to an investor or launching a new product, this course will help you to win over your audience with Keynote. You’ll learn steps you can implement immediately to improve the quality of your Keynotes. (Value: $29)

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