Leaked photos show iOS-like OS X [Update]



Hours before WWDC kicks off, a series of blurry leaked photos appear to show Apple’s next generation operating system, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, in action.

Two different sources of photos have been posted online: the first on the Reddit Mac community by a poster using a throwaway account, who claimed to have taken the photos himself at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. These images have since been deleted.

Shortly after Twitter user UI designer Doney den Ouden posted another image, citing a “reliable anonymous source.”

Assuming that the photos are genuine, they reveal several interesting changes in the look and feel of the OS — making it far closer resemble iOS. For instance, there is now a Control Center, along with a slightly rejigged Safari, with larger buttons for bookmarks and frequently visited sites, similar to the version of Safari found on the iPad.

The Dock similarly does away with the current “shelf” motif, replaced by a translucent strip like the one seen on iOS. While the icons appear unchanged in the Reddit images (date stamped March 24) in the (presumably) newer Twitter picture the icons appear far more iOS-like.

This is particularly interesting in light of comments made by Phil Schiller earlier this year, stating that following Windows down the route of merging mobile and desktop operating systems would be a “waste of energy.” Still, I guess there’s nothing wrong with borrowing ideas from what works well on iOS — particularly since that is the Apple OS the majority of users are most familiar with.

Apple is set to introduce the operating system at WWDC later today. Given that the company is reportedly clamping down on leaks more than ever, it is likely that there are going to be some people in Cupertino none too happy about this.

What do you think of the look of OS X 10.10? Leave your comments below.






Source: Reddit

  • William D

    Hard to ignore the design cues from Windows Vista! I so remember apple folk – including myself – ridiculing the side bar

    • Aizei

      What side bar? You mean control centre? It’s not always on screen, it’s similar to how it works on the iPhone, or the charm bar in windows 8, bring it on for the few seconds you need it, put it away. Vista’s side bar was an ugly, power guzzling monstrosity that constantly sat on screen

      As I recall it was microsoft who tried to copy apple when it came to vista. Gadgets anyone?

      • You Itch It

        Please NOT with this copying nonsense again because everyone rips each other off. This is NOT news…

      • Slurpy2k11

        No, not everyone rips each off to the same extent. Pretending thats the case is intellectual dishonesty. There’s degrees,and any objective, informed individual should be able to admit that Apple has been ripped off the most, when it comes to important things, through the years.

      • Guest

        Intellectually dishonest comments like yours make me throw my MacBook out the Window.

    • Carson Childers

      Neither of those “side bars” are present on screen unless you reference them…

  • Minatory

    Seems real. Interestingly Spotlight has been taken away from top right corner into center. Meaning that right top corner is now only notifications, and left top corner is control center. Makes sense.

    • Aizei

      No it hasn’t, you just can’t see the top right corner because the person is hiding his/her username

  • Technocrz!

    why maverick wallpaper

    • Aizei

      Because it would most likely be a test build and not the final marketing copy

  • Aizei

    I’m honestly not sure about how the windows look, like safari etc. I don’t think I’ll come round to that.

    I do like the better looking notifications centre though.

    Control centre seems completely pointless on a desktop tbh

  • sigit

    i really hate the dock design. it takes up the screen real estate with an ugly blurred bar. What’s so wrong with 3D effect?

    • Frans Albertus Hanekom

      Maybe because we are in the 21st century where 3D is SO old by now. Why not make it look simple and slick? I think it is a great design treatment. Now what Apple should do is allow users to switch this translucent dock on or of or even customise it to the users liking, that would make everyone happy. But for now I am excited to have the new iOS-like look!

    • Carson Childers

      I’m sure you can still hide it. I love it.

  • John Ruschmeyer

    Mac OS X 10.4 called… they want their dock back.

  • Brian Voll

    Anyone know what kind of apple screen that is? It sort of looks like a Cinema Display, but the front looks grey rather than black.

    • Aloogy

      I noticed that on some of the images, especially the first one – the monitor or whatever this is on seems to be blacked out. Wander what its hiding?

    • taborneighbor

      Looks like it’s likely an older model Cinema Display.

    • Michael Quintinn Stewart

      Maybe its a new Apple Touch display? please, please.

      • Zainal Abidin

        you just read my mind!

  • Steven

    Love it, but then I am a minimalist at heart and think flat, translucent design is the way to go.

    • Frans Albertus Hanekom

      I agree with you! Think this is going to be the most beautiful OS X ever! Simple is the way to go. Ask me, I am a designer!

  • Andy Brooks

    please let this be fake!

  • Andy Brooks

    With all the osx 10.10 mockups that have been floating around for the past year whats supposed to make this seem legit? because its so last minute? its kinda blurry? cause the uploader was all discrete? any of this could be a staged hoax. Easily staged. Just do a google image search of OSX 10.10 and you will see dozens of similar mockups. Im not convinced..

    • Frans Albertus Hanekom

      The interface is just too well made to be mocked. It either has to be a hel of a great copy-artist or well it’s just Jony Ive who has actually implemented this great design. This similar style is on all of the Apple banners at the conference center which has leaked. I can tell you that this might just be the real-deal. We’ll have to wait until the conference to see though…

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    I don’t care what it looks like as long as it works well. I’ll be ready to upgrade as soon as I get a week’s feedback from users who have to be the first to download.

  • pickme2

    Apple needs to be less concerned with how stuff looks and get focused on how stuff works. Apple Mail doesn’t work. iCloud doesn’t work. Apple…get to work!

    • Frans Albertus Hanekom

      It does actually works, you just need to use the entire Apple ecosystem to make it work well. Apple mail had a problem but with this latest update it works fine to me. Oh and iCould is the best thing ever, NEVER had problems EVER. Just use it correctly before making false comments.

      • RB

        thank you!…:-)

      • pickme2

        I think if you look at Apple support boards you might wish to retract your ‘false comment’ accusation.

      • Brack

        I really can’t tell if “iCould” is a pun or a spelling mistake.

    • Carson Childers

      Updating the look has nothing to do with how they update mail and icloud and whatever. They have a whole army of people that accomplish more than one task…

    • RB

      Mail doesn’t work??? I use it daily and hear this often and wonder WTF people mean by it doesn’t work? I have 7 email accounts and I’ve never had a problem.

      • pickme2

        Mail used to be fine. Now, VIP mailboxes sort by Subject only. All of my Exchange account messages appear in the same inbox- inconvenient and dangerous. iCloud – Photo Stream specifically, is hit and miss. Much faster to simply email a photo to the desktop computer. Many photos never show up in Photo Stream at all and are shared inconsistently across devices.
        Aperture stalls while Photo Stream updates, unacceptable on a macine with 24GB RAM.

      • RB

        never had any of those problems.

      • pickme2

        Have a look at support boards, certainly not unique to me or my setup.

      • RB

        i don’t need the support. sorry you are having problems but i’m not.

    • San Diego Dave

      “Apple needs to be less concerned with how stuff looks…”

      That’s crazy talk. Half of Apple’s appeal is its attention to design and making products that look sleek and sexy.

      Anyway, if you watched the keynote you’ll see that they’ve made some fantastic (and looooong overdue) improvements to Mail and iCloud, which just goes to show that Apple is capable of making things sexy AND functional.

      • pickme2

        I’m ever optimistic.

  • You Itch It

    This makes me sad. I hope it’s fake.
    It might be an old or beta design because of the old application icons…

  • It looks like Alfred for Mac is doomed.

  • Who cares about how the dock looks like? I hide it by default, and almost never use it. Using your mouse/trackpad to start (or switch to) a program is the most inefficient way to do so. Use something like Launchbar or just Spotlight to start it, and Cmd-Tab to switch, it’ll save your wrist from agonising pains later in life!

  • Aizei

    Anyone notice the blurry but readable social section in notification centre – it says configure just underneath it

  • Craig F

    Fake? Seem’s odd that on the first screen grab, there would be a button to “About this Mac” when you’re already in that screen?! Icons in the dock are also totally different from one to the other.

  • Adrian Khalifé Adoum

    That’s OBVIOUSLY fake. In the 1st screenshot the ”settings” icon on the dock is the same than in iOS 7. But in the next screenshots the ”settings” icon is the one on Mavericks.
    I don’t have a doubt they will give Yosemite an iOS look tho…

  • amcgrath

    I really hope that isn’t for real, when i go to open an app, the shape is one of the things that make it easily findable – bubbles for iMessage, circles for a few others, squares for one or two, tilted squares for a few etc.
    Finding lesser used apps on tiles is much slower. – I see the lower shots retain the shapes, but the top one looks bad.

  • Arnold Ziffel

    I’m 100% ready for a convergence in icon design, look, and feel between iOS and OS X. For example, on iOS I’ve gotten used to looking for the Contacts icon with the silhouette of a human, and when I’m using my Mac running Mavericks, I struggle to find the icon with the almost invisible “@” sign on the “cover” of the book. It just doesn’t register with me.

    • Slurpy2k11

      Yep- I’ve been wanting consistency in the icons for a long time. Even though some will mindlessly call it “dumbing-down”, the more visual and functional consistency between OSX and iOS, the better. Doesnt mean they’re taking any power or features away from OSX, just making it more approaching and consistent for those who have iOS devices.

      • Arnold Ziffel


      • TonyLA

        Yes, let’s kowtow to the people who own iPhones, instead of those who use Macs. And if you don’t have one, tough because you’re getting the Ives Playskoolification of your OS whether you like it or not. Nothing like the ADD crowd to screw it up for purists…

  • Ilja Shebalin

    I don’t know….I don’t like it, the look’s primitive, atmospheric lifelike style is gone and what’s seen are just plain icons, quite schematically designed.

  • old_school

    I’m downgrading to Snow Leopard…

  • Marcus Winchester

    Anyone notice in the Yosemite part it says Version 1.0. Me has a feeling that Apple have abandoned the 10.X hierarchy and separated the term OSX to become the brand. Guys, I don’t think we will ever see an OSXI now because of this

  • Marcus Winchester


  • Frank

    That looks like S**t. Hate the new design, there is going to need to be something really good to get me to upgrade.

  • jakub

    I like it except the way the dock looks, just to flat

  • Kenton

    I personally like most of what I see. I think a cleaner look with less drop-shadows (yuck) will be awesome. I really don’t like the dock in these pictures however. It looks a lot like the dock in Tiger, but without an indicator showing which apps are open. I can’t image they would get rid of that for pure design aesthetic.

  • TonyLA

    iOS7 on the Mac? Jesus God, just kill me now…..