Avoid your iPhone being held ransom



After reports of iPads, iPhones and Macs being hacked and held ransom in the U.K. and Australia, we put together this video to show you how to avoid the problem — and what to do if it’s already happened.

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  • digitaldumdum

    This problem is blown way out of proportion.
    Here is the solution to this sky-is-falling issue:

    1. Change your Apple ID password to something complicated, as you should do with any password.

    2. Don’t use the password on any other site, as you should never do.

    3. Make sure your device is backed up (preferably to your computer rather than iCloud), as you should always do.

    4. Keep your iPhone (or any cell phone) passcode-protected, as you should always do.

    The so-called ransom hijack would be pesky to deal with •if• you didn’t take these precautions. The whole scheme and scam relies on someone using your iCloud password to gain access to your device. Make that hard or impossible, and the problem goes away. Still, the article •does• serve to remind us of the precautions we should take.

    • @digitaldumdum:disqus Thanks for tips — good advice.

      • digitaldumdum

        Natch! And thanks for your kind reply.

    • lucascott

      Indeed it has been. iCloud has NOT been hacked. If it had been they wouldn’t be holding back and just hitting certain users. They would take a wack at everyone at once and up the shot that they hit folks that will pay.

      This is about recycled passwords or phishing.

  • Sarcastic Curmudgeon

    Also have a longer lock code on your I devices. Just don’t rely on a 4 digit lock code.

    • digitaldumdum

      Nice! I forgot that one.

      And here’s one more: never, EVER walk away from your phone for even a moment. Don’t leave it on the restaurant table when you go to get more Diet Coke, and don’t tuck it under the side of your plate when you reach for some salt and pepper on another table. It will disappear faster fox on a hunt. It happened to me while I watched! I got it back by confronting the thief, but only because there were people around who saw it happen as well. I’ve also seen it happen to another.

      Thieves have a good day when they get home with a pocketful of cellphones, guaranteeing our day is not so good.