Saturday Deals: Tech wallets and The Duracell Battery Bundle [Deals]



The weekend is upon us — and we’ve got some great deals lined up for you courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals.

If you’re looking for a new wallet that is as slim and simple as they come, then we’ve got the Simple Wallet for just $14.99. If a more advanced wallet is your preference, then the A3 Aluminum Plate Wallet, priced at only $33.99, will fit the bill. And if you’re looking for a great deal on reliable batteries, then The Duracell Battery Bundle can be yours for just $56.

Simple Wallet

The Simple Wallet is constructed from soft Italian leather and high quality elastic that allows you to keep all your essentials together while still being fashionable and minimalistic. Simple Wallet can fit your cards, cash, cellphone and even has an attachment loop for your keys. It keeps everything tight and together so you have the essentials in a slim, stylish package without the headache of losing what you need most.

With high quality elastics and genuine italian leather, you not only get the stylish package but also a quality product that will hold up for years of service. There is no way that you can lose your phone, keys, cash or cards now, it’s that simple. Click here to learn more about the Simple Wallet, available for only $14.99 through Cult of Mac Deals.

A3 Aluminum Plate Wallet

The A3 Aluminum Plate Wallet from Obstructures keeps your essentials protected without adding bulk to your butt. Its type 2 black anodized aluminum plates provide RFID security while still being slim, strong and stylish. It’s large enough for bi-folded US paper currency and credit cards with room to spare. The triangle allows for easy access to cash, frequently used cards and it has a bottle opener just in case the party starts to pop off! With multiple configurations, you can store your money in a variety of ways. Its rolling o-ring mechanism keeps everything nice and tight while allowing for quick and easy access. You can learn more about this wallet — available for only $33.99 — here.

The Duracell Battery Bundle

Duracell’s “coppertop” batteries are engineered to be some of the most dependable in the world. Remotes, electric toothbrushes, flashlights, and most other small electronics in your house run on AA or AAA batteries, so stock up now and don’t worry about going powerless for months. As Duracell claims, “Duracell batteries are Trusted Everywhere.” Get this bundle of 100 AA and 50 AAA Duracell batteries for just $56 here.

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