Watch Apple’s hour-long exposition on why Beats deal makes sense


Apple's Eddy Cue and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine sit in Walt Mossberg's famous red chairs to dish on Apple's Beats acquisition.
Apple's Eddy Cue and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine sit in Walt Mossberg's famous red chairs to dish on Apple's Beats acquisition.
Photo: Pete Mall/Re/code

Hours after Apple secured its $3 billion acquisition of Beats, Eddie Cue and Jimmy Iovine took the stage at Code Conference to talk about the new partnership along with the state of tech and the future of Apple.

Eddie boasted Apple’s 2014 product pipeline is the best he’s seen in his 25 years at Apple, but the duo also dished on their decade long relationship, the state of streaming music services and what Apple might do to make the TV experience a lot less sucky.

The interview has finally been posted in full by Re/code and while it’s slim on Apple secrets it does provide a fascinating look at where the company might be heading.

Check it out:

Source: Re/code

  • All i heard is “amazing”, “incredible”, “perfect”, “great”, “huge”…

    • Adrayven

      curation.. or where you not listening. lol

    • ostermalm

      If you took your dads cock out your mouth maybe you’d hear the future.

  • Brandon Franklin

    I think this acquisition is all about apple execs needing a better weed connect! Dre says: “Hell yeeahh”

  • Evan_Beezy

    I used to think this deal was ridiculous and was into the whole “apple never buys brands, only tech” and trust me I’m really understanding of the whole Apple culture but what if Apple was not only buying beats for the management talent. What if it’s a strategic decision to revamp it’s whole music approach. I think they want to rip apart iTunes into seperate apps so it handles music exclusively and another app to manage syncing, etc. What if they call the new app ibeats and deck it out with spotify like streaming and all it’s music services, maybe even functional apps to increase its usability, like integrated songkick and song matching. They could flip the beats brand headphones into a real sound/quality competitor in the marketplace and marry it as part of their music ecosystem. No1 likes iTunes, and beats is a big name in the populous. Apple could leverage beats marketing name to revamp the perspective on their music service and the name change could be justified to how much they’re performing a 180 in this area. Just a thought, Apples management isn’t dumb and isn’t foreign to making big moves. Just a thought

  • dhruvg

    A curation service for 3 Billion $. For less than half that cash Apple could have an army of the greatest producers curate their media – Music , Movies …Im sorry but Iovine and Dre are not the last stop on music. Innovation happens when someone is hungry. It seems like Apple is fat and lazy and living off the lard… And on the subject of headphones , beats certainly aren’t the best out there, for the moment they are the most successful , but that could change in a few months…

  • Slurpy2k11

    Iovine was actually interesting and fascinating to listen to. Provided quite a bit of insight. Eddy Cue, not so much. Sounded like most of the lines were canned and he didnt really sell me on the deal or was convincing. Iovine did- he’s got alot of charisma.

  • thinkfurther

    All this talk about breaking up iTunes. How many different apps does one need? You have to open and close them ad infinitum.

  • ostermalm

    05:39 She said lucky like a bitter CUNT. FUCKING WHORE! ITS CALLED HARD WORK YOU BITTER SLUT.