Apple should reinvent the homescreen with this iOS 8 concept



The official unveiling of iOS 8 is less than three days away and even though I’m not expecting Jony Ive to debut huge overhauls to the UI, my six-year old homescreen of boring rows of app icons are desperate for something more. Something like widgets.

After deep diving into the mechanics of iOS, Jay Machalani has developed a phenomenal concept on how Apple could add widgets to iOS 8 similar to Windows Live tiles. It’s simple, functional, and doesn’t add unnecessary crap to your homescreen thanks to its novel pinch to expand feature.

Here’s how his widgets work on an iPhone:

Machalani’s concept would allow users to keep the same homescreen they’re familiar with but if you wanted a quick peek at your calendar or iMessages you could simply pinch the app to make it into a bigger iOS block.

“There’s no menu, no hidden options and no weird gestures to do. You literally make the icon bigger with your finger if you want more, says Machalani. “It can’t be simpler and more intuitive than that.”

After pinching an icon you can choose to let it collapse or release it and it will remain a block on your homescreen. The concept has three different block sizes for more customization, but its still a work in progress as Jay says he still hasn’t figured a way to have icons on a full homescreen accommodate pushing icons to the next page. Maybe Jony Ive and the Human Interface team can work out the kinks.


Via: The TechBlock


  • Jack

    For the love of god someone make this into a Jailbreak Tweak,

    • Jay Machalani

      Well I actually got in touch with people from the Jailbreak community, so we’ll see where this leads haha :)

  • whodakat

    Pass on the widgets. Although the weather icon, should be a live icon showing the local temp.

    • BusterH

      not interested in the weather or calendar widgets, but i’d love a twitter widget that streamed your main feed on the homescreen

      • Joe

        Not interested in any widgets. Apple shall be one step forward.

  • AndrewW500

    I don’t want widgets! Unless they implement them as they are on OSX. Spotlight is no longer is accessed through a swipe to the right so it could be done.

  • TeeJay1100

    More Android features eh???? Please stop it. Apple is suppose to be above this.. Uh my mistake iOS7 has Android/Windows all over it. Guess it’s not claimed copying when Apple does it

  • HiHowAreYa?

    Apple fans love one-handed use. Doing EVERYTHING with just one thumb. This idea would mess that system ALLLLLLL up.

  • Mallouk Malek

    if you like this get a windows phone , for me i love iOS the way it is :D

  • Akp

    Really don’t like this concept, this pinch and zoom stuff would totally freak me out…

  • No thanks.