Salvage every last drop of your iPhone’s juice with these battery-saving tips



One of the biggest knocks people tend to make at the iPhone is its battery life. While we all have busy lives, it’s imperative for our devices to last the long haul with us. In today’s how-to find out how to save more of your iPhone battery with just five quick and easy tips.

Take a look at the video to see what to do.

  • RaptorOO7

    I am holding out for the rumored 4.7″ iPhone that had better arrive with more than a 1580mAh battery in it. I mean WTF its 2014 and Apple is still using battery capacity from 2007. Instead of the race to be thin like a super model how about offering battery capacity, maybe even work with the company that optimize the Galaxy S5 battery life which I can say is awesome (returned it after a week too little storage) but the battery life was awesome.

    That said I enjoy my iPad mini Retina and can’t wait for the next iPhone to impress and of course add a Mophie Space case for battery and storage.