8 things to buy to get your WWDC on



Guess who's coming to San Francisco's Moscone Center

The Apple logo begins to take shape on the side of the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Orange Staff Polo

You had to be on the WWDC Staff to get one of these orange beauties back in 2005. Its 100% cotton and is a bit worn with the Apple logo and WWDC 2005 embroidered on the front but you'll finally get some real respect when you roll up to the Genius Bar wearing this.

Price: $29.99


Coffee breaks are a great time to make small talk with new developers at WWDC and this mug could be your perfect fanboy talking point. Dating back to the darker days of WWDC 1990, this collectible mug will get you noticed by all the caffeine fiends roaming Moscone West.

Price: $49.99


This is San Francisco, a place where exercising and sipping fancy vegetable juices is one of the trendiest (and cheapest) things you can do. If coffee's not your thing then grab an Odwalla or Naked Juice, just make sure its got a dash of apple.


Forget the expensive lunch spots next door and brown bag it with these cheap Apple iLunch bags. You'll be able to catch up on your coding, save money and get a few laughs from fellow devs at the same time.

Price: $3.49

Messenger bag

Tote your 17-inch MacBook Pro from coding sessions to hands-on labs with this collectable WWDC messenger bag. Apple handed these black Incase bags out in 2009 but this one is still wrapped in the original packaging so you'll look as fresh as iOS 8.

Price: $55

WWDC 2010 hoodie

This black jacket from WWDC 2010 doesn't come cheap but it's in great condition for being pre-owned. The front screams WWDC-fanboy while the back features a large stitched "10" so people think you're either a World Cup striker or coding-vet.

Price: $200


Vintage WWDC Pins

Collecting these pins was no easy task in 2006 when Apple had partygoers at the WWDC Bash wander through the campus quad to track them down. Most were too inebriated to even attempt the journey but you can lavish WWDC attendees with wild tales of how your earned yours by sneaking into the Design Lab to earn "The Joy of X" badge.

Price: $4.99

Your golden ticket

So you weren't one of the lucky golden ticket winners? Well if you're absolutely desperate for a ticket - and ready to part with some Gs - at least one enterprising developer is scalping his extra ticket on Craigslist. Other tickets were spotted on eBay last year but Apple quickly killed those, but if you're in the market for a new job and know Objective-C like Jony Ive knows chamfered edges, Five9 is offering a ticket to their next Senior iOS Developer.

Price: $4000

Apple is busy putting the finishing touches on WWDC before the invasion of 5,000 developers destroy the corridors of Moscone West, but even if you didn’t get a ticket to the hottest developer event in the world, you can still enjoy WWDC like you’re actually there by sporting some of this gear from the comfort of your couch.

Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple gang are coming straight out of Cupertino on June 2nd to kick off WWDC with the first keynote of the year. iOS 8, OS X 10.10, a home automation platform, new iMacs and possibly even an 8GB iPhone 5s are rumored to make an appearance.

We’ll be covering the action on our liveblog starting at 10AM PDT, Monday June 2nd and won’t let up until WWDC finishes on June 6th, but to get yourself ready for the assault, here are eight things you should buy to get your WWDC on.

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