Things you wish Apple designed




As Sebastian Dittman, CEO of Audanika put it on Twitter: "Puppies. Clearly puppies designed by Jony Ive would be the sh*t. CC-licensed, Patrick Theiner on Flickr.


This mobile robotic printer, which started life as a Kickstarter project, is ripe for the Apple touch. Reader Theodor Sandaker says, "It goes against the whole paperless idea, but some of us still need to print things. An iPrinter would be awesome."


"A household robot. One that could drive. Please," says Michelle Lightwood-J on Twitter. Will there be an iRobot in our future?

Smart Home Computer

There are all sorts of Apple-integrated smart homes these days, but reader Golden Cindy goes one step further. She wants the "house" computer embedded in a countertop. This is from Swedish designer Ballingslov.

Food Packaging

I've been known to strip labels from soap, shampoo etc., because the design annoys me - so I can really understand reader Christian Alvarez's chiming in on Facebook to suggest the Apple treatment for food packaging. Here's a nice take on the on the ho-hum olive oil bottle by Comeback Studio.

Solar Pen

This is the MathPen, which has a 360° degree solar module to power all your crazy calcs. Reader Warren Galloway says,"How about a Solar Pen/Pencil that stores energy and uses low heat to write? Aka never running out of 'ink'?"

Solar Powered Remote

Reader Warren Galloway says, "how about a Solar Powered TV remote? I love what Logitech did with the K760 (solar keyboard)... Maybe they should do it."



Toothbrush If ever a common item could use a makeover, it's the toothbrush. Here's the buy-one-give-one Bogobrush.

We showed you ours. Now it’s your turn. Here are the items big and small that Cult of Mac readers most want to see designed and produced by the mothership. We’ve got Apple solar pens, food packaging and yes, puppies — because even pets could use the Sir Jony treatment.

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