VirusTotal Uploader is a quick and easy way to scan suspicious files



With so many security scares lately, it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure that your Mac security is as beefed up as possible.

That’s why it’s good timing — both for Google and for us — that the search giant has just released a very useful tool which makes it easy to upload suspicious files for scanning with the popular Google-owned VirusTotal service.

VirusTotal Uploader is very straightforward to use. You simply install a free tool on your Mac, and then just right-click on any file you want to investigate, followed by clicking the relevant option from the context menu to upload the file.

Google says that the software can be used for anything from scanning the image files of running processes, to triggering scans of remote URL content before saving it to disk.

Highlights include:

• Drag and drop a file to the VirusTotal Uploader in order to scan it with over 50 antivirus solutions.
• Drag and drop a folder to the VirusTotal Uploader and schedule the analysis of its content.
• Drag and drop a Mac application to the VirusTotal Uploader.
• Allows you to “Open With” in finder the VirusTotal Uploader to scan a file.

VirusTotal Uploader tool is available to download for Mac systems running OS X 10.8 and 10.9 from the VirusTotal website.

Source: VirusTotal

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