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Nyne Bass portable Bluetooth speaker plays and shares your music like a boss



Having a day out or a night in with friends who all want to DJ a song or two? The magnificent new Nyne Bass pairs with mobile devices faster than you can say NFC-Bluetooth and lets everyone share their songs instantly — and clear. And loud.

The Bass is aptly named, with tons of low end balanced by rich overall sound. And you don’t need to have company, of course — the Nyne Bass makes an excellent home audio system to have in the kitchen, bedroom or living room. Or garden. Paired to your device using Bluetooth and with an impressive 10-hour battery, you can pick it up by its clever carrying handle and port it around anywhere.

Sharing your phone’s music is easy with Nyne Bass Bluetooth speaker.

We were already impressed by Nyne’s range of portable Bluetooth speakers, as our previous Cult of Mac review attests, and so we were eager to try out the company’s latest top-of-the-range model, the Nyne Bass. It arrived in agreeable, Apple-like packaging and we had it out the box and ready to play in no time at all. Pairing was easy.

Even if your phone doesn’t have NFC technology (Android phones usually do, but not iPhone), pairing took only a moment on iPhone.

Most people keep a bunch of music on their phone. We used Spotify on an iPhone to test out the Nyne Bass. One tip when using Spotify: Do not use the recommended “Normal” music quality settings (96 kbit/s); instead, select “Extreme” quality (320 kbit/s) and enable Available Offline on your playlists. This is the only way I found to get an acceptable audio quality on Spotify and without songs stopping mid-play while on the go.

Having only listened to music on an old pair of AKG earphones of late, it was fabulous once again to hear music at its best — blasting out from a really good speaker system. The Nyne Bass is just that. I was soon dancing around!

One impressive thing I noticed about the Nyne Bass playing indoors is that it doesn’t force music out in one, dead-ahead direction, but rather music emanates out in all directions. Although the speaker has lots of bass, there is no pressure wave in front of it, even when really loud. The sound truly fills the room.

If you receive a call while playing music on your phone, the Nyne Bass switches to speakerphone with an integrated mic for hands-free calls. So you won’t miss a call, even when partying.

According to the product specs, Nyne Bass packs two drivers and an active subwoofer with 35 watts RMS. There is also a USB charger port for your phone and included in the package is an AC adapter with four worldwide choices of plug and a standard 3.5mm Aux in.

The Nyne Bass is available at various brick-and-mortar electronics/audio stores all over the United States as well as e-tailers including Nyne’s web site, priced $149.

I think John Lennon would approve.
Music seems to surround the speaker rather than project forth. It’s awesome.