Sunday Deals: Duracell batteries, Snowtape 2 and Simple Wallet [Deals]



To end off your weekend, we’ve got three offers at Cult of Mac Deals that will keep your stuff powered up, let you record Internet radio, and keep that wallet bulge from happening.

First up is a package of 100 AA and 50 AAA Duracell batteries. Available for just $56 through this limited time offer, you can get dependable power for your devices. Duracell’s “coppertop” batteries are engineered to be some of the most dependable in the world.

Duracell batteries are long-lasting and their quality is top-notch. Remote controls, electric toothbrushes, flashlights, and most other small electronics in your house run on AA or AAA batteries, so stock up now and don’t worry about going powerless for months.

But we’ve got more deals for you to check out…

With Snowtape 2, you can boost the size of your iTunes library in just a few days. Snowtape allows you to schedule and record thousands of popular internet radio stations all over the world. Record multiple radio shows at once and preserve full audio quality (mp3 or AAC+ streams), Snowtape will automatically split and name tracks as they’re saved. You can learn more about this offer for Snowtape 2 – priced at just $14.99 — here.

The third deal we’re highlighting today is for Simple Wallet. Simple Wallet lets you keep your essentials all together in a nice tight package that doesn’t complicate your life. It keeps things minimal and easy, exactly the way you need it. Check out the finer points of this offer — available for the low price of $14.99 — by clicking here.

There are plenty of deals over at the main Cult of Mac Deals site, so spend some tim exploring what we have to offer today!