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Brian Eno brings iOS app holograms to new vinyl record release



Drop the needle on avant-garde musician Brian Eno’s latest album release (on vinyl, of course), and you’ll hear all sorts of future-retro electronic sounds composed to stir your emotions in sometimes unpredictable ways.

Aim your iPhone at the very same vinyl record, and if you’ve installed the app made for the purpose, you’ll see a whole different scene, a 3D hologram-like cityscape that rises up from the spinning platter. Check out the video (below) for a sneak peek.

Record stores are selling more and more vinyl these days, even though more than a third of music listeners get their songs from free online streaming or radio sources. It makes sense, then, that an intelligent, cutting-edge musician like Eno would create something that marries both past and present into one beautiful musical package.

This isn’t the first enhanced vinyl release (Jack White has something similar on his Lazaretto album), but it may be the coolest full-length hologram we’ve seen.

The album, Someday World, is a collaboration between Eno and Underworld singer/producer Karl Hyde. It was released on May 5 as a CD and digital download. It’s the vinyl version, however, that allows the hologram magic to happen.

You can download the free app for your iPhone here.

Via: io9