Samsung looks to copy Apple again with Sapphire glass


curved glass iPhone concept

Apple’s sapphire glass could be the biggest thing to hit the iPhone since Touch ID, and even though it hasn’t announced an iPhone 6 or iWatch with a Sapphire glass display yet, its chummy parasitic buddy Samsung is already looking for a way to copy.

Reports from the ETNews in Korea claim Samsung is meeting with Sapphire glass manufactures to test product samples and review production possibilities, after it rejected the idea of using it last year due to high production costs.

Apple was the first company to adopt Sapphire glass with small pieces for the iPhone’s camera lens and home button, but it’s taking the glass to revolutionary levels thanks to a new plant in Arizona churning out millions of sheets for the iPhone 6 display.

Not only is Sapphire glass nearly unscratchable, it’s thinner and lighter than traditional glass, allowing Jony Ive to shrink the iPhone’s profile to minuscule proportions.

LG is reportedly looking to adopt Sapphire glass with Samsung after watching Apple take the lead. A number of new manufacturers are making production more affordable, even though Apple has a headstart it’s possible both companies could be rocking Sapphire display phones as quickly and horribly executed as Samsung’s latest ripoff.


  • Grunt_at_the_Point

    So what….back in the day auto wheel manufacturers used wood and/ or steel. Then, rubber was discovered. Since then rubber is used by all auto wheel manufacturers. I don’t hear a hue and cry from BF Goodrich or Goodyear, etc.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Didn’t Samsung get the message from Corning about how sapphire is crap compared to Gorilla Glass 3? Corning chastised Apple for even considering sapphire because it was too brittle and too heavy and too expensive. Only fools would consider using sapphire in place of Gorilla Glass 3. At least that’s what Corning has claimed.

    I can’t imagine Samsung using sapphire for their displays because it would likely boost the cost of their flagship devices more than consumers would be happy to pay. Samsung isn’t in the position to simply charge customers outrageous prices. Samsung still has to compete with the other Android manufacturers. Apple seems to be all in with sapphire and G.T. Advanced Technologies. I’m really surprised Samsung would try to follow Apple considering it’s a relatively untested material for displays.

    I understand that Samsung can copy Apple with anything they want, but what pisses me off is that some jackasses are going to say that Apple isn’t the leader or has stopped innovating when they are clearly being followed by other manufacturers. I’m not saying Apple is leading in everything, I’m only saying that Apple doesn’t appear to be as far behind as some people claim they are. If Apple introduces sapphire displays first and others follow then Apple has to be considered a leader in that respect. On the other hand, water- and dust-resistant designs for Android smartphones are definitely ahead of Apple and Apple SHOULD have been on that long before other companies.

    • Maxwell S. Overholt

      My understanding is they plan on using sapphire laminate which gives it a best of both worlds situation (cheaper and lighter than sapphire, thinner and stronger than glass).

    • axel_ax

      As you can hear here there will be a note with sapphire

  • Nupicasso

    “Parasitic buddy”?? Fanboys shouldn’t be allowed to report news or anything else for that matter. Apple has been biting off Android functionality for a while now as well. It goes both ways. And it’s not a bad thing. Competition breeds innovation and perfection of prior innovations.

    Keep your whiny biased opinions out of your blogs/articles…Make for a poor reading experience.

    • BusterH

      must be your first time to the site. Welcome.

    • igorsky

      You must be be confused by the address of this website…it’s called Cult of MAC, and MAC is the important part of that address. You see that signifies that this is an Apple-centric website so, logically, opinions here will be in favor of Apple.

      There’s a site called Cult of Android that would better suit your viewpoints and opinions.

      • Nupicasso

        Maybe reading English isn’t within the scope of snotty fanboys, but I am a fanboy of neither. So I need not go to an Android specific site to read news. I enjoy all technology. I do not enjoy the close minded and ignorant comments from the writer or the followers of this site. That would be the only reason to not bring traffic to this site again.

      • Pavan Kulkarni

        So you don’t have a culture…Then why do you even visit this site…You go to a church and of course you find the followers of the church…You cant just enter and tell them close minded and ignorant cos they aren’t Muslims or they don’t follow Hindu… Go back home, rethink your thoughts….

      • Nupicasso

        I love your analogy… Because you are correct… The hatred and bashing between religions is just as stupid. Another example of intolerance and childish behavior.

      • Pavan Kulkarni

        I am sure you support your home team in baseball or football…. And am even sure you will have negative remarks against the side playing against yours, its as sportive as that… The hatred or bashing is between two brands…. And we argue to prove that Apple is better just like how you will counter comment to prove your point…. And you cant expect the world to run by your rules….There are always people taking sides and since you are a neutral, you are not in the fight….

      • Kr00

        “Another example of intolerance and childish behaviour”
        From the person who said;

        “Maybe reading English isn’t within the scope of snotty fanboys”


        “Keep your whiny biased opinions out of your blogs/articles.”

        Sir, you are an imbecile. You are quite entitled NOT to come here, or was someone holding a gun to your head while you read this and typed? The number of morons like you that get all huffy over link bait, just astounds me. Take your bile and spread it elsewhere, yours is not wanted or invited here. Grow some intelligence, it might help with your anger management problem.

      • Nupicasso

        Ha. I’m not angry. I just pity people who drink the Cool-Aid of any company. When your blinded by your obsession, truth gets muddled. You’re a perfect example of them. I’ve read your other comments.

        Best of luck.

  • Theromz

    Cause Apple was the one to discover Sapphire, it says it right there in the sicence books.

    • PMB01

      Understanding things is hard, isn’t it? It gets gradually easier once you get out of junior high. You’ll see!

      • Theromz

        Did your Mommy help you type that, it’s so sharp and witty.

        I just think it’s stupid that Samsung copied apple based on a rumour that Apple will use sapphire displays and that the author felt it was wise to not mention that LG was rumoured along with Samsung to be testing the same rumoured tech apple will use. All the while apple not inventing said tech.

        And it really shows that your an insecure fanboy when you have to result to insults.

      • PMB01

        So you’re ignoring Apple’s plant in Mesa that they supplied with their own manufacturing process and the sapphire glass they’ve been using to cover the camera lens and home button on iPhones for awhile now? How cute. Keep at it kid! Someday you’ll get it!

      • Correction:

        You think it’s stupid that Samsung are *rumoured* to be copying Apple based on a rumour.

        The lack of objectivity in this article, paired with the snobbishness of the author makes me inclined to question the authenticity of their claims.

        Also, I believe the Ubuntu Edge was to be a sapphire screen, long before Apple were rumoured to be developing their own solution. The tech industry is just filled with copies of copies of copies.

      • Kr00

        Your belief is unfounded. Corning were experimenting with Sapphire glass after Gorilla glass became ubiquitous. Apple gave Corning $150 million to set up a plant to produce gorilla glass for the original iPhone. Apple and Corning have had a close partnership ever since. Apple were the first to use sapphire glass on camera lenses and now the fingerprint scanner on the 5s. Apple have rejected using it for screens as it’s more brittle than gorilla glass, but more scratch resistant. Hope this clears things up for you.

    • axel_ax

      I think you din’t hear about vertu ( please make a google search before saying anything

  • S J

    There are phones with sapphire glass out there already, the Vertu Constalation being one such example, so who’s copying who?

  • Rohan Johnson

    Apple copied notification bar from samsung what about that ?

  • iKrontologist

    Companies all over are also working on Sapphire coating solutions too. The other thing going on is Tempered Glass laminates and those Sapphire Glass Laminants you speak of are already after market available as screen protectors. Gorilla Glass has been a Glass laminate since it was invented in the 60’s and used in Windshields (unsuccessfully because of costs). So when Samsung was looking for a better TV Screen Glass, they went into a joint venture with Corning.

    Now that Joint Venture has been dissolved and traded for controlling shares in Corning. But Samsung is still Corning’s biggest overall customer. If you include TV screens (which they’re #1 in), Construction (windows, etc used by Samsung C&T in building Skyscrapers like Burj Dubai or Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia), mobiles, laptops, etc.

    So yeah…. you’re right Sapphire Laminants and some form of coating, but better than Sapphire laminates and coatings is something called ALON. It’s a transparent (w/o Purple hues in Sapphire) aluminum ceramic called ALON or Aluminum oxynitride!

    They’re able to now make 12″x12″ sheets of this stuff and it is basically the same coating used on flooring! Super Hard, almost as hard as diamonds. I think Apple should really look into it. Because unlike Sapphire Glass grown and then sliced very thin and flat, these laminates and coatings can be formed to curves and remain flexible! ….it’s also used even now to coat some screen glass!

  • Rohith

    What’s the big deal about Saphire glass. I had a watch a decade ago with saphire glass and have been getting watches with Saphire glass only ever since as I was never able to scratch it.

    This article is stupid. When I saw the first scratch on my Galaxy S1 I thought immediately that the tech companies should use saphire glass. Ofcourse I didn’t have a billion dollars to do the reasearch and development so I take what is sold in the market. I don’t go out there and complain that Apple stole my idea. Only a fool would write an article as such saying that someone copies someone else without concrete proof.

  • axel_ax

    Before even apple there was(and still is) Vertu Ti. It was one of the first phones that use a sapphire screen. Maybe apple copy from Vertu, just saying ;)