How the iPhone 6 might compare to its predecessors



While mockups of Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone 6 have been popping up for a while now, it’s still pretty amazing to see just how far we’ve come since the first generation iPhone made it to our sweaty palms back in the good old days of 2007.

That comparison is made clearer in a new video put together by YouTube user DetroidBORG, which does a great job of comparing a dummy iPhone 6 handset with every previous model of iPhone that has come before.

No, this isn’t guaranteed to be be exactly what the iPhone 6 will look like when it finally hits stores this September, but it does conform to a lot of what we’ve heard about the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 as indicated by supply chain rumors. In particular the iPhone 6 dummy is thinner than the current generation iPhone 5s, features rounded corners, a couple of antenna breaks at the back, and also a relocated power button.

A larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is also expected, although it has reportedly suffered production delays and may arrive after the 4.7-inch model.

Which (if any) iPhone 6 will you be buying? Leave your comments in the box below.

Source: YouTube

  • PGHTransitHelp

    We will be sticking to the closest option to the 5S but bumping up to 64GB or higher if it’s an option

  • I would see en feel the new 6 first, than I make my choice!

  • apfwebs

    Apple has become a hotbed of rumors rather than a hotbed of products. (Yes, admittedly, those rumors are from hill and dale…and not Apple itself, maybe.) Rumors alone are not a sustainable means of survival.

    • San Diego Dave

      I don’t completely disagree with the spirit of your point, however HTC and LG would kill their own mothers to become a “hotbed of rumors” and anticipation right now.

  • Skanoza

    Ugh! Those thick white lines at the back have got to go! I hope they are just part of the prototype and not included the final design that’s released. Terrible stuff.

    • San Diego Dave

      There’s no way Apple will release anything that ugly.

      • Skanoza

        I hope so, too, SD Dave. But then, that’s what i thought when i saw early mockups of iOS 7. And then ..

      • San Diego Dave

        I hated iOS7 when I first saw it. I literally wanted to punch a baby. But once it was actually on my retina display, I changed my mind. Now I think it’s kind of gorgeous.

      • Skanoza

        :) I tell myself, i like it now, too. But a deeper recess in my brain says, “Nah, you’re just used to it. It’s still not what you truly adored, like the stuff before it.”
        Anyway, what i am hoping is that it shouldn’t be a second instance of me having to “get used to something”.
        Nooooo, those white lines have got to go. Please.

        I guess this is where Steve played a key role. He would get so anal about every little thing until it was perfected before releasing the feature. I hope, there’s someone (or some bunch of people) pitching in for that eye at Apple still. I do believe there are some.

      • San Diego Dave

        By all accounts, Jony Ive is almost just as anal as Jobs was, and Ive is the main brain behind the design of the iphone. Granted, that means Ive is responsible for the gold 5s, but that’s proven popular, so I can forgive him and just be thankful there are other colors to choose. It’s also worth noting that Ive was not in complete control of iOS 7. Now that he’s officially the all-powerful overlord of software design, iOS 8 might see some lovely improvements.

        Bottom line, I really cannot see Ive allowing ugly white lines on the back of his phone. This is just a cheap, quickly slapped together mockup.

      • tornacious

        I DID punch a baby, but iOS 7 was still fugly and crashy. Not sure what went wrong…

  • mike077

    As an all Apple person, I didn’t think this would happen, but frankly, the other larger phones have tempted me as of late. Two issues with current offerings: Small screen size and lack of memory expandability. I am always running out of memory on my iPhone 5 and it is a major hassle and limits my use of this device.

    Apple needs to heed the Blackberry lesson: In the mobile phone business, going from darling to dumpster can happen FAST. Blackberry was merely LATE to the touch-screen party and it did them in. Apple is very late to the larger screen party and their insistence on no memory expansion is nonsensical. The iPhone was the gateway device for many people into the full Apple eco-system. If they lose that…

  • Jay

    I’ll be getting the big one for my big man hands.

  • Gregg

    too big, would prefer a iphone 4 size…versus these giants….