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Apple’s online store now offers free shipping on everything



Still stumped what to get your dad for Father’s Day? Apple’s hoping you’ll go big and gift him an iPad Air, but even if you just want to get a sweet iPhone case for the old man the online Apple Store will now ship it to you at no extra cost.

Starting today Apple’s online store is offering customers free shipping on all products ordered through the website until May 29th, leaving you one less excuse to not get a jump on your Father’s Day gift.

Apple retail stores have been the power-horse behind Apple’s fabulous money-printing machine, but the company’s focus has recently turned to e-commerce after inching up to become the No. 2 online retailer in 2013. More changes are likely on the way as Apple’s new VP of Retail and Online Stores, Angel Ahrendts begins to settle in with the company after landing at the mothership earlier this month.

Free shipping is usually offered by Apple on orders of $50 or great, but like its free shipping promotion during Christmas, the spending cap has been removed to get more products into FedEx trucks and onto you doorstep.

The move comes just weeks after Apple cut online refund times in half by switching to FedEx 2Day and is part of a larger effort on Apple’s part to expand its online sales presence to compete more directly with Amazon and BestBuy.