Thailand coup, told in selfies

Thailand is one of the world’s most coup-prone countries. It’s also home to people who smile the most in selfies. So even when the tanks roll in, the urge to snap takes over. Better yet: get that shot with the soldiers. Or the tank. That’s what’s happening in Bangkok, where the smartphone set is taking keepsakes as the coup comes to town.

Thailand has been roiling with political unrest for six months, so locals might welcome a little law and order after the courts bounced the embattled Prime Minister a few weeks ago.

The pics you see here are troops marching into Bangkok after martial law was declared. The coup – and suspension of the constitution – came later.

Forget TV, the revolution will be Instagrammed in one of the world’s most coup-prone countries. And, since the best camera is the one you have with you, these days it’s likely to be the one on your mobile phone. To wit, the iPhone has been in the top “cameras” used on Flickr since 2008. Right now, various Apple phones are in four out of top five spots.

This guy, identified as a foreign tourist, wins for the most awkward vacay snap ever.