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Find and add national holidays to your Google calendar


Google Calendar

I don’t think I would make it in life anymore without my Google calendars. Having my appointments and date-based reminders in Google’s system makes sure I can access them wherever I am, and with whatever device I have at hand: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, someone else’s computer.

Today I went looking to see if this coming Monday is Memorial Day, because as an online writer, I totally forget those sorts of things, along with info like, “what day is it,” and “did I wear pants yet?”

Regardless, I went searching and realized my calendar did not have major US holidays on it. Here’s how I fixed that oversight.

Browse Interesting

Launch Google Calendar on your web browser, and login if you need to. Once inside, you’ll notice the list of calendars over in the left-hand column. Click on that little triangle next to Other calendars and then choose Browse Interesting Calendars. You’ll get a long list of calendars that you can then browse and add to your own.

Use the tabs at the top to filter for Holidays, Sports calendars, or more. Click on Preview to see the calendar before you add it, and click Subscribe to add it to your Calendar group.

US Holidays

You can, of course, add as many other national holidays as you like, so you can keep track of which of your far-flung colleagues are out of the office on the days that the rest of the world may celebrate. Just not you, you poor thing.

Clicking the More tab gives you some other cool calendars, too, like Contacts’ birthdays and events, Phases of the Moon or Sunrise and sunset for (your city here).


All in all, it’s a useful bit of information to have in your calendar, and once int here it behaves just like all the rest of your calendars — you can hide it, show only it, and so on.

Source: Google Product Forums
Image: Flickr, civinod