Batman vs. Superman movie finally gets an official title



We’ve heard casting announcements in the form of Batfleck and Jesse “Lex Luthor” Eisenberg (to name a few), had our first sniff of the Batsuit and the Batmobile — and now we finally have a name for the forthcoming Batman-starring Man of Steel sequel.

To coincide with the start of principle photography on the forthcoming superhero blockbuster (taking place in Detroit, Africa and the South Pacific), Warner Bros. has confirmed that the 2016 movie will be called Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So what does this suggest? Well, that this is pretty much a Justice League movie in disguise, for one thing. So far Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg are all confirmed to appear in the flick, which will allegedly lead into a Justice League movie to be shot back-to-back, for release in 2017/2018.

Without knowing more details than that it’s tricky to say more, but on the surface it does seem a waste to so blatantly frame Superman and Batman’s first ever live action on-screen encounter as a mere setup (a dawn, if you will) for bigger things down the road.

With that said, I’m counting down the minutes May 6, 2016. So Zack Snyder must be doing something right!

In the meantime, here’s the official logo as released by Warner Bros:


Source: Variety

  • Calvin Chestnut

    I’ve been really disappointed by these articles coming out of Cult of Mac these last couple weeks which have absolutely nothing to do with Apple or Mac. Between this, the Godzilla/Pacific Rim trailer posted yesterday, and pretty much anything put out by Rob LeFebvre (if I want to see the new Marvel trailer, I’ll use Apple’s trailers app). I’ve been a ~5 time a day visitor since 2006, and this slew of unrelated pop culture articles are having me ready to take Cult of Mac off my bookmark bar.

    • Ivar

      Yeah, I also find this really odd. While I don’t mind it all that much, mostly because this falls within my interests, it feels like something straight out of left field. I mean surely there are enough stories where Apple meets pop culture. Even adding (for example) that the whole damn movie is being produced on new Mac Pros would have already established a link. I guess they’re trying something new and if there’s enough engagement, you’ll be seeing more of it.

      • San Diego Dave

        This doesn’t bother me at all. Like I’ve said elsewhere, a high percentage of Mac/tech enthusiasts probably love comic book movies. Yes, you can read about them elsewhere, but why not read what other Mac enthusiasts are saying about them? And if you don’t want to read a non-Apple story, just skip it. Honestly, people are basically complaining that they have to scroll too much now to get past the stories they don’t want to read, which seems a little silly.

        Is it because CoM shows up on your Facebook or Twitter feed, and you don’t like the feed being cluttered with non-Mac stories? I could understand that a little better.

  • FJ

    This not why I follow Cult of Mac. Sigh. Time to unfollow. At least MacRumors hasn’t sold out.

    • PMB01

      Poor baby has to scroll down a little more. No one forced you to click on this article.

      • FJ

        Ah. The classic “no one forced you to…” rebuttal. You are full of such wit.