Will iWork for iPad Change The Way We Work?


Photos courtesy of Gizmodo

iWork for iPad will be attractive to corporate users – another sly way for apple to get into the corpspace.

Photos courtesy of Gizmodo

Imagine meetings where projects can begin as soon as they’re created. No more peeking over an intrusive monitor, but working directly from the table top. I could see how the iPad can make table top computers ineffective. Why leave the interface bolted to the conference room when you can take it with you?

Photos courtesy of Gizmodo

Not only is iWork for iPad attractive, it looks very easy to navigate through and create pages, spreadsheets, and presentations on the fly.

Photos courtesy of Gizmodo

Could it be possible to pass files from iPad to iPad, or would we be able to access a corporate cloud? This could be the demise of the Legal Pad.

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