The classic iPhone ringtone gets a sweet remix



There have been a lot of remixes of the iconic iPhone ringtone over the years, and this one may be the best. The guitar solo at the end is an unexpected twist.

The remixer goes by the name MetroGnome, and his YouTube account features countless remixes of popular songs. He’s got some original stuff on iTunes, and it’s pretty standard electronic music.

You can download the above track yourself and turn it your own ringtone if you want to be that kinda guy at the party. It’s not free, but I recommend Ringer in the Mac App Store.

  • Darla Mack

    OMG that Happy remix isn’t bad either!!!

  • Dallas Groot

    Feel free to grab 2 edited sections here:

  • Michael Collins

    nice, but! will you ever hear the whole ringtone? most people will answer within 5-10 seconds

  • Long Duckdong

    Cool, though I’d hardly call that “killing” a guitar solo…..