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Captain America is more international than you’d expect



There’s a scene in recent movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which Steve Rogers checks a list of things he’s missed since he took the cold plunge into the ice after his exploits in World War II.

In the U.S. version of the movie, the list looks like this:

I Love Lucy
Moon Landing
Berlin Wall (up & down)
Steve Jobs (Apple)
Thai food
Star Wars/Trek
Nirvana (Band)
Rocky (Rocky II?)
Troubleman (soundtrack)

In other countries, however, the list looks a bit different. Here’s what Tumblr user Lucia Westwick found.

In the U.K. version of the blockbuster, we see a few differences:


I Love Lucy gets replaced with recent hit Sherlock for the TV show, The Beatles are bigger than the Berlin Wall and Sean Connery kills disco.


In the South Korean version of the film, Dance Dance Revolution takes over from the TV shows, the 2002 World Cup jumps to the top of the list, 2003 South Korean film Oldboy (recently remade by Spike Lee) is mentioned, and footballer Ji-Sung Park gets a spot, too.

As you can see, even Captain America must bow to the spirit of global multiculturalism.

Head over to Lucia’s Tumblr page to see even more, including lists from Russia, France, Australia and Italy.

Hat tip to Steve Keller for the find.

Source: Lucia Westwick
Via: SuperHeroSuperSoup