Tony Montana’s Scarface crib goes on sale for $35m



If you’re looking for a new home awesome enough to house all of your Apple products in style, you’re not going to find one better than this.

A 10,000 square feet palace — newly on the market for a cool $35 million — it will be instantly recognizable to cinema buffs as the home of none other than Tony Montana in the 1983 movie Scarface.

Want more details? Built in 1904, the Montecito oceanview property sports 4 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, one of those all-important Byzantine “conversation rooms,” a load of gold leaf, and presumably a couple of stashed sub-machine guns. The grounds are around 10 acres, there’s a giant mural of Alexander the Great in the dining room, and JFK supposedly stayed there once.

If dropping the whole $35 million in one go sounds unrealistic, you’ll be happy to know that not long ago it was available for rent for just $30,000 per month. If it’s not immediately snapped up, maybe you could come to a similar arrangement with the present owner: a Russian billionaire who bought it in 2009.

A virtual tour (because, let’s be honest, none of us are ever getting close to this!) can be carried out at the link below.

And, yes, there’s enough room to store your whole iMac setup.

Source: Montecitoparadise

Via: Nerdist

  • AlanH

    An what the F**k does this have to do with Apple? The tenuous link of
    being able to store Apple kit there is a crock of s**t. I do not want to
    see this and I’m ready to dump this site due to things like this along
    with misleading headlines and sensationalistic journalism. I’m in the UK
    and would expect better from a fellow citizen.

    • Bloodymer Zkizzoid

      Just be cool man. The writer is just a big scarface fan, just like me. Just give him a pass.

      • AlanH

        Then he should post it on his personal blog not on an Apple news site. Totally off topic!

      • Nicolas Steger

        100% this!

    • James

      Plus it has an awesome tour that works really well on Mac products. Seriously, try it on an iPad. Beautiful.

  • Matt McLaughlin

    Previous residents included author Thomas Mann, who entertained savvy house guests there as Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill.

    Thomas Mann: