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Deadmau5’s new iPhone app is a subscription service dedicated to himself



Joel Thomas Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, is undoubtedly one of the most popular EDM artists/DJs on the planet. He’s apparently so famous that he has his own subscription service with an iPhone app that came out a few days ago.

The self-titled app is the one-stop shop for everything Deadmau5, and it costs £2.99 per month.

deadmau5 – electronic musician & technology pioneer – delivers a subscription based digital destination he personally architected for fans to get direct access to premium content and intimate experiences. With new music, live streams, chat boards…as deadmau5 puts it, “Everyone can enter and lurk”.

I’m not sure that I have ever or will ever like an artist enough to pay a subscription for music and “candid thoughts” from just that one artist. But apparently there are fans of Zimmerman’s out there who don’t mind at all.

In reality, Zimmerman is being incredibly savvy by offering himself up to fans in the form of a subscription platform he controls. Artists are barely making pennies off streaming services like Spotify, and I bet we’ll see more and more turn to directly marketing themselves digitally to fans.

While only on iOS now, an Android version of the official Deadmau5 app is in the works.

(As a side note, I recently discovered Zimmerman’s “Coffee Run” YouTube series in which he records trips in his car with celebrities and other artists. They videos are great, even if you’re not a Deadmau5 fan. I recommend the one with Scott Hansen of Tycho fame.)

Via: The Guardian