Halo 5: Guardians rockets to Xbox One fall 2015



Xbox One owners just got a shot in the arm as the team behind the acclaimed Halo franchise has just revealed a new iteration in the series: Halo 5: Guardians.

Halo has always been associated with the Xbox system, reaching back to Microsoft’s original console, released in 2001. With the latest title now in sights, Halo fans will start the salivation required of the lead up to the game industry’s most popular series.

Halo 5: Guardians is a bigger effort than Halo 4,” writes 343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross. “That applies to the content and scope of the game, as well as the technology in what’s now a brand new and more powerful engine. Certainly there are some core elements carried over from prior games, but we’ve invested a huge effort in retooling our tech to take full advantage of the Xbox One’s hardware and ecosystem to create worlds and experiences worthy of next-gen.”

While the blog post on the Xbox website is thin on details, gamers will note that this will be the first Halo game to run at a fluid 60 frames per second, the holy grail of computer games. The 343 team, who took over from Bungie on the Halo franchise with 2012’s Halo 4, will be taking advantage of everything the new Xbox One console has to offer in terms of performance.

Lest fans give up a collective “meh” at the distance between now and the fall 2015 launch date, Ross teased both the upcoming Halo TV show, in collaboration with Steven Spielberg , and some new franchise reveals headed to E3 this year on June 9.

“We’ll give you much more information about our plans for this year at the Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing on June 9,” she writes, “and we’re confident that Halo fans will be pretty excited about the special plans we have in store.”

Source: Xbox
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  • cesardlg

    how about we don’t make it suck like halo 4? 343 needs to look back at halo 1, 2, and even 3 (but to a lesser extent). don’t try so hard to be different…just make a damn good game

    • Phillip

      Halo 3 sucked ass. Halo 4 was about story development, and kicking some alien ass.

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    Seriously, I’m done with cult-of-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink.

    You’ve lost relevance and you’re losing readers.

    • San Diego Dave

      Chillax, Captain grumpy pants. I just scrolled through all the top stories and there are only 4 (out of 20) that don’t have something to do with Apple or Apple devices specifically. Not only is that not at some crazy “everything and the kitchen sink” level, but lots of Mac users also use gaming consoles and will be interested in this Halo news. And if you’re a geeky Mac enthusiast type, then you’ll likely be interested in things like google glass (and why wouldn’t CoM also cover news relating to Apple’s direct competitors?), as well as entertainment like HBO’s “Silicon Valley” (directly relevant to this site) and a comic book movie like “Guardians of the Galaxy” (admittedly less relevant, but again most tech enthusiasts are also big into comic book movies).

      Besides, you can’t maintain a daily news site with such a narrow focus. The big irony here is that you’re probably one of those people who comments to complain when CoM is posting too many silly iPhone 6 rumors. Haters gonna hate. ;-)

      • Paul Lloyd Johnson

        The other day we had a review of sandals. It’s absurd, this is a mac site. Keep it focused or lose readers. I’m already gone.

      • San Diego Dave

        Yep, I’ll give you that one. That was silly and irrelevant. But that was a week ago. So you have one example. In a week. Kiiiiiiinda sounds like whining about nothing.

        Let me help you out with this pro tip: Skip the stories that don’t interest you.

    • Phillip

      I agree with this statement, Cult of Mac, and everything else the competitors are releasing. I want to see only apple stuff so i have no idea what awesome devices and software we are missing out on.