iPad: 1GHz PA Semi ARM, 10 hours battery life, up to 64GB Flash Storage



And now some of the specifics of my particular iPad tablet beef have come out.

The chip is from PA Semi, an ARM-based CPU, as guessed. It’s called the A4, and it “screams” at 1GHz.

The iPad is 0.5 inches thin, weighs 1.5 pounds, with a 9.7-inch IPS, fully capcitive multitouch display.

“All the usual suspects: accelerometer, compass, speaker, mic, dock connector. And it’s got battery,” says Jobs.

And what a battery! Netbook style! 10 hours! A month of standby. Remarkable for a device so thin.

Come in flavors between 16 and 64GB of flash, SSD storage.

Only connectivity that Jobs has mentioned so far is 802.11n WiFi. Let’s see if they unveil the 3G partners shortly.

[image via GDGT]