Kenu Airframe car mount makes iPhone road trips a breeze (plus giveaway!)



Everyone with a car has tried using an iPhone holder in their vehicle at some point. Unfortunately, many of these gadget grabbers simply don’t cut it. Well, the Kenu Airframe is the solution.

Enter the Cult of Mac giveaway: We have three Airframes to give away to three viewers who like and comment on our video review and subscribe to the Cult of Mac channel on YouTube, thanks to the folks over at Kenu. Winners will be picked at random and entries end Saturday, May 31, 2014.

  • Scott Nejedlo

    Good review, I’m curious about this holder. Will it stay in the vent if you pull to get your phone out? Or will it just come out with the phone?

  • bobbigre

    This looks like a great solution!!!

  • Richard wolf

    this look amazing

  • James Gill

    the question is will this fit a iPhone 6, or a galaxy s4 in width?

  • Lloyd

    Love this. Exactly what my iPhone needs for a comfy car ride.

  • Daniel Huckerby

    looks better than those snott green holders which constantly drop my phone of the dash onto the gear stick onto my knee then onto the floor

  • CO2 Insanity

    Mine pulls out if you just grab the phone. If you hold it the right way you can open the phone grip and remove the phone without it pulling out. They need a tighter fit for some cars a/c vents. That being said. I love it because I don’t have this gigantic piece of plastic holding the phone that doesn’t work. At least it looks good.

  • Helles99

    Awesome! I had one of those green sticky ones as well and they are terrible. Lasted about a month and almost broke my AC vent cover.

  • mtfenning

    Very compact. They seemed to have nailed the design for this functionality. I had a Tom Tom phone holder that I would agree has been over-engineered. The Kenu Airframe looks like a much better solutiuon