Ledr is sort of a leather fruit roll up to hold your longish, smallish equipment



If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly shuffling around town (or around the country) with bits. No, not those bits; you know the ones I’m talking about: pens, cables, more pens, headphones, USB sticks, pocket knives and pens. They get shoved into a small pocket in a bag, where they sit, unharmonious and disorganized, until I fumble around for them.

David and Calvin Laituri of design outfit Onehundred have a better way. The father-son team have come up with Ledr, a leather strip that organizes all that stuff and rolls it up into a compact toolkit.

Like the best good ideas, it’s simple: The Laituris took baseball-glove leather added a compartmented elastic strip — with five narrow and two wider slots — on the inside and a button on the flip side to keep it all from unravelling when rolled up. My guess is it’s even more useful than it seems, and one of those things that I’d actually find uses for once I’d started playing around with it. It even looks cool, especially in white (it comes in three other colors: black, brown and tan). My only question: How well will the elastic hold up?

If you want one, the Ledr is $45 on Kickstarter, with an ETA of August.

Source: Onehundred