Clever app turns greasy fast food trays into World Cup soccer shootout



The FIFA World Cup 2014 is set to get underway in Brazil in less than a month which will bring four years worth of soccer football promotions packed into a month of kicking, grass stains and sweat to your TV.

Giraffas, a one of the largest restaurant chains in Brazil, may have already scored the coolest cross promotion with their clever iOS app that turns your greasy tray of fastfood into a tiny soccer shootout game.

Check out how it works in the video below:

Using your iPhone’s front-facing camera, the app is able to track the location of the orange paper soccer ball against the green paper. Players flick the orange ball against the screen, which becomes a digital soccer ball on impact as a virtual goal keeper dives, slides, and jumps around the screen to prevent you from scoring.

To keep gamers hungry for more action the game can only be played near a Giraffas restaurant, but with 412 locations throughout Brazil, the fast food chain will be the easiest place to spot starving World Cup fans when the tournament kicks off on June 12th.

Via: DamnGeeky


  • justme

    looks funny, awesome idea, reminds me the first time I’ve seen the kinectimals on iOS when I expected that the front camera can recognize me (like some “lite” version of kinect) but ohh deception