Watch what happens when an iMac meets a WWII anti-tank rifle



Sometimes, not very often, old technology beats the heck out of new technology.

Okay, so it’s not an entirely fair test to base technological superiority on who comes out intact in a confrontation between a present generation iMac and a WWII anti-tank rifle, but it sure makes for a fun video.

In the video, YouTube user RatedRR obliterates his unsuspecting Mac with a 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle. He explains:

“The Lahti L-39 is a Finnish 20mm anti-tank rifle used during the second world war. It had excellent accuracy, penetration and range, but its size made transportation difficult. The rifle is a semi-automatic, gas operated weapon with the piston located beneath the barrel and ammunition feed from detachable top-mounted magazine with bottom ejection for the spent cartridges. To reduce recoil, the rifle is equipped with a five hole muzzle brake and a padded leather recoil pad.”

The video can be checked out in all its glory below. Just for the record, this is probably enough to void your warranty.

Source: YouTube