And the Beats go on: $3.2 billion deal may not be finalized until next week



Apple’s much-discussed acquisition of Beats Electronics might not be finalised until next week, according to “people familiar with the transaction.”

In a brief note from Re/code, this is described as a “longer timetable than some people expected as recently as a few days ago.”

It’s not known what’s causing the holdup — especially since Dre all but confirmed the deal when he bragged about being “the first billionaire in hip hop.” As part of the deal, both he and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine are expected to take on senior roles at Apple, with Iovine reportedly becoming a “special adviser” to Tim Cook on unspecified creative projects.

Even if the deal isn’t finalized until next week, however, that still leaves enough time for Apple to announce it, and present Dr. Dre and Iovine on stage at the upcoming WWDC keynote, June 2.

Either way, we look forward to the next episode.

Source: Re/code

  • Z Odbuster

    “Beats is an appearance-focused brand, hardly a design-focused brand. Worst price/ performance in the industry; I wouldn’t wish Beats on anyone I know”

    . is a quote from another source..

    but sounds like exactly what the iSheep need…

  • moofer

    I guess you can just keep saying “next week” until you are right, and then say, “See? I was right!”

  • digitaldumdum

    “And the Beats go on: $3.2 billion deal may not be finalized until next week”

    Not until next week?? Thanks for the heads up. This is scintillating news! It’s something we really needed to know, and poof!, here it is! Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • What gets me, is they are the worst headphones out there, for the biggest price. People buy ONLY for the ‘Dre’ name. This is a downhill start for Apples Music hardware, because they will be Senior Advisors to T.Cook.
    I would watch the AAPL Shares go South next week.