Take your life by the horns with The Productive Life Mac Bundle [Deals]



One of the easiest ways to become more productive is by automating simple tasks you perform every day, and that’s exactly what this power pack of 12 Mac apps is designed to do.

Whether you need to manage your finances, keep track of daily tasks, efficiently manage your social media and email accounts, or work towards personal goals, there’s an app for that. And right now you can get The Productive Life Mac Bundle for only $24.99 for a limited time courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals!

Please note: You must redeem your purchase by June 15th, 2014.

Here are the 12 apps included in this killer package (Regular price is in parentheses):

  1. MoneyBag ($29.99): MoneyBag helps manage your day to day finances with customizable categories, intelligent reports, and charts. Budget, track, review, analyze, set goals, save for emergencies, get out of debt, and more.
  2. Habits ($19.99): Habits gives you the framework for developing new, or discarding unwanted, behaviors in your life. With a separate motivational calendar for each habit, the free iPhone companion app helps you track habits on the go.
  3. TasksBox ($59.99): TasksBox is a beautiful task manager that helps you manage anything from daily tasks, shopping lists, recipes, projects, events, and whatever else life throws at you.
  4. Life ($59.99): Life is a journal that helps you capture all of life’s moments as they happen and view them as a personal timeline. Add photos, tags, type, weather and emotions to give context to your moments.
  5. Social Fan ($9.99): Social Fan manages your social media and email accounts and brings your entire digital life together in a single interface — get emails, be on top of social media, and follow your online interests seamlessly.
  6. TimeTracker ($14.99): TimeTracker helps you understand where you spend your time every day. Generate productivity reports in both detailed and summary format for a time period and activity.
  7. Notes ($9.99): Notes is an easy to use note taking app. Capture anything in just a keystroke or a click, and the simple design helps you to focus on the information and note things quickly so you never miss a note again.
  8. Weather ($4.99): Weather lives on your desktop and shows you real-time weather updates for your current location. Get the latest weather updates from your nearest weather station in a simple format.
  9. Declutter ($14.99):­ Declutter solves your Mac desktop clutter problems. Create intelligent folders with rules based on file names and extensions so that it can automatically move files to their respective desktop folders.
  10. Quick Desktop ($4.99): Quick Desktop is a simple utility that minimizes all the windows on your desktop. View the desktop in a single click or keystroke and restore all windows the same way.
  11. Wish Jar ($9.99): It’s proven that a wish that’s written down is more likely to come true than one that’s just in our thoughts. Wish Jar helps you write down your wishes in a beautiful interface.
  12. WriteKit ($14.99): WriteKit is a quick and easy text editor with a beautiful interface. Open any text file in WriteKit and instantly start editing or adding to it.

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