GIFtastic map shows the 6 sad states that still don’t have an Apple Store


Credit: ifoAppleStore
Credit: ifoAppleStore

Critics slammed Steve Jobs when he opened the first Apple Store nearly 13 years ago, but now that Apple’s retail space makes more money per square foot than Tiffany’s, everyone from Samsung to Microsoft has been trying to duplicate Apple’s success.

To see just how quickly Apple Stores have invaded the U.S., Retale created an interactive map that plots each new store opening since 2001. Each blue dot in the GIF above represents a new store opening, starting with the original Apple Store in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

254 Apple Stores now dot the country with an additional 170 outlets open internationally, but six sad states in U.S. are still waiting for their first Apple shrines to open. Check out Retale’s site for a full breakdown on when each store opened and the flagship products that brought customers into Steve’s aluminum and glass utopias.

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  • Glenn Gore

    That list of states could actually be 8 if you discount Nebraska and Kansas, in which the Kansas Apple store is just half a mile from the Missouri border and the Nebraska store is in Omaha, also located just a short throw from the Iowa border.

    • Das It Mane

      But why would you? Both locations are physically in these states despite being near the borders.

      • Glenn Gore

        It’s as if New York City were the only place in the US that had an Apple store, would you consider the entire country to be adequately served if that was the case? Wichita, KS is a large city (385,000), and centrally located in Kansas, but does not have an Apple store, so those people have to drive either 150 miles to Oklahoma City or 180 miles to Leawood or 519 miles to Denver to get to an Apple store.