10 games to make you not regret buying an Android



Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

Weird and oddly calming, Superbrothers is the ultimate in indie gaming right on your Android tablet or smartphone. It's got an engaging story, a lush soundtrack, beautiful background imagery, and a female protagonist without boob physics. Who could ask for more?


Want to play a real match three game with a twist? So many app developers claim to bring something new to the table, but 10000000 (pronounced "ten million") sweeps the entire table clean with RPG mechanics and a retro pixellated look.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Tower defense had a mini-glut a few years back, but Ironhide Game Studio rose above the rest to give us a lasting experience in the genre. Perhaps the best iteration of Tower Defense anywhere, Frontiers will challenge your strategic and quick reflexes in every level.


The Room 2

Puzzle boxes and creepy atmosphere make up one of our favorite games on any platform: The Room 2. Developer Fireproof Games has iterated on it's beguiling blend of touch-based three dimensional puzzles and some of the best visuals we've seen on a tablet or smartphone. Find your way to the various solutions to complete a haunting, poignant tale.


A great mix of board game mechanics and gorgeous digital graphics, Aerena mashes up the strategy of a game like Chess and the addictive "just one more match" joy of a game like League of Legends. Level up your hero and take down your enemy's heroes and massive steampunk airship to save the day.

Anomaly Korea

Intense military tower offense action awaits in Anomaly Korea, the follow up to Anomaly Warzone: Earth. Korea once again puts you in the drivers seat of tanks and mechanical war machines to take down the aliens bases. All your base are belong to US, now.


Heroes of Dragon Age

EA's got a good thing going with Dragon Age, a game that's seen two iterations on console and PC, with another coming soon. This mobile version lets you play in the Dragon Age universe with squad-based battles and collectible-card-game-like combat with others around the globe.


If you like finding hidden objects but can't stand the romance-filled plots of most of them, Machinarium might be the game for you. In addition to finding stuff in a gorgeous environment that looks like it's been painted by hand, you'll need to use those gadgets to make your way through each cunningly designed level.

iOS still beats Android when it comes to quality apps and games. But lots of us use Android tablets and smartphones for one reason (price) or another (freedom), so we might as well make the best of it.

You can find some great games on the Android platform, many of them free or low cost, too. So don’t settle for the same old free-to-play crap — download these great Android games today.

A list of links and prices follows.

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