Widgets finally land on iOS 8 in this Control Center concept



The icon-tiled interface of iOS could use more than just a flat facelift from Jony Ive to feel more modern and even though jailbreakers have enjoyed widgets for years, maybe it’s time Apple added them in Control Center.

This iOS 8 concept from Ryan Gilsdorf envisions widgets coming to iOS 8 through Control Center where users can swipe between music, calendar, weather and third-party widgets to control apps from the homescreen.

Take a look at the full concept video below:

Some of the concept’s setting tweaks like an icon radius slider, drop shadow option, transparency adjustment and others are a jailbreaker’s wet dream but look too complex for Apple to add to its perfect walled garden, but I wouldn’t mind Siri getting a quick action screen at the bottom of the homescreen.

Apple will reveal all the new changes coming to iOS in just three weeks at WWDC 2014. What are you hoping they add to iOS 8?


  • More ways to share between apps, like Android? Or a universal file system? I know I’m asking too much.

    • Iliyan

      You are indeed asking for too much, I’m sorry. You don’t need to attach PDF files to your emails. Or access the same file in multiple applications without copying it around every time. Please wake up.

  • itpromike

    Apple wouldn’t ever do any of this. They go for simple over useful; even if it means more cumbersome for the end user as long as it’s perceived as ‘simple’ that is what they aim for. They’ve reached their peak using their current paradigm in the area of UX and usability. They don’t really care much about features that make using the phone more efficient or aid in getting things done faster… They just care about dead pan simple.

  • Brandon Franklin

    No video widget?!